Oh Gunter

If I could focus more maybe this could be an editorial for Der Spiegel. When the news broke that Günter Grass had recently admitted being in the Schutzstaffel, or better known to the world as the SS, I asked the following question: Why now? Why now is this coming out? This has been in public … Continue reading Oh Gunter

The Stolen Child

The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue Recommended reading for those who like fantasy without the formulated, predictable Hollywood (or Disney) krapp. It must have been during middle school and my sister was in High School. My sister looked like Pocahontas and she was also a social butterfly. One day my sister had visitors from high-school. … Continue reading The Stolen Child

Negative Zero

Disclaimer. The following came to me the other day - as opposed to me coming to it - which happens quite a bit - so bear with me. I had these thoughts that started with: "What is writing?" In order to prevent things from getting out of hand I attempted to hone the thoughts with … Continue reading Negative Zero