The Stolen Child

The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue

Recommended reading for those who like fantasy without the formulated, predictable Hollywood (or Disney) krapp.

It must have been during middle school and my sister was in High School. My sister looked like Pocahontas and she was also a social butterfly. One day my sister had visitors from high-school. I thought that was cool be- cause I was going to enter high-school the next year. Maybe I could get some tips so I hung around. One particular friend of hers stood out from the others – and it wasn’t because of his bright red hair. His name? Keith Donohue. That was back in the seventies in a relatively small town just south of Washington, DC.

My sister recently called me and asked if I had heard of the book ”The Stolen Child”. I had not. Then she said that I should read it. I asked why, knowing that she knew I have a very long reading list. And then she said, ”Do you remember…?”

I was eventually fortunate enough to contact Keith and he remembered both me and my sister.

I’m not good at reviewing novels, so I won’t. I will say this: This is not just a ”fantasy” and in a way I’m sorry that it has to be sold/labeled in that genre. This is a literary work that is both intriguing and eye-opening. If you are only looking to be ”entertained” then that’s ok, you’re safe here. If you are looking to acquire knowledge, wisdom and a perspective on life, this will be a joyeous read. Although the protagonist(s) is a bit kitchy at times, I believe that Keith is going where few authors go. I’m not sure, but I think this is one of the first novels of the 21st century to walk in the footsteps of Swift, Frank Baum, etc. A great story well told.



Rant on.