The Hurt

More LOP Thinkng Out Loud LOP The character that needs a name (Stone?) arrested as a terrorist which makes him a US citizen with no rights. Wait. This is the end. No. The ending. LOP Two parts to story. One. The discovery of family Hurt* through the loss of the father (and/or patriarch--when the matriarch … Continue reading The Hurt


Pondering Questions Leaving SF, CA (Note: This post combines Sept 21-26) To inform. About short story publications (from Borders Books in SF, CA) - Glimmer Train ( - Fiction ( Two publications of short stories. Regress development. The idear of growing backwards. "Growing" not in the sense of the physical, as a person would grow … Continue reading Pondering

Arguments In Space

Traveling. Long drawn out travel. Stress. On flight back and arrival a great surprise awaits. Oh. Oh. What is the surprise? Short story. Off the top I'm thinking, as a title for those words poked out early on an airport napkin. What a napkin it was. It smelled. Of something unclean. It was dark white, … Continue reading Arguments In Space

Friend Loss

How I lost all my friends. A short (story, play) and a commentary. The not getting along of friends. Try to duplicate the dialog and discussion that takes place between (Friend 1) and I and (Friend 2) and I. The discussion that leads me to so much ugliness (on my part). Why do I get … Continue reading Friend Loss

Action Reaction Action

LH418 (>IAD). Outrageous and ludicrous the entirety of security one must now face. Entirety the word? Such a colossal waste of time and resources. The largest US government expansion in fifty years? To even imagine that politicians cannot see the wrong of their leadership and lawmaking fits perfectly to the silly-ness of airport security in … Continue reading Action Reaction Action

Anonymous People

LOP The anonymous people. (Like the "wounded" from Chad?) Who are they? How do they think? What makes them? Who made them? Does (character) get a list of people to pick up? The story of Gerald Fytsimmon. (Is he like Paul E. Chrysanthymum?) The first man to dissent (is that the right word?) against corporate … Continue reading Anonymous People