Anonymous People


The anonymous people. (Like the “wounded” from Chad?) Who are they? How do they think? What makes them? Who made them?

Does (character) get a list of people to pick up?

The story of Gerald Fytsimmon. (Is he like Paul E. Chrysanthymum?) The first man to dissent (is that the right word?) against corporate servitude? G.F. was the man to tell Edison to fuck himself. The beginning of American worker lust–or is it worker frustration? (See LOP1 “Composition” notebook.)

Claire and Sisterhood and Robin-hood. No longer about stealing from the rich and giving to the poor–now its about girls stealing from men to support the concept of emancipation and/or feminism. It’s payback time! And there’s that question popping up again. Where does that question come from? What does it mean? Emancipation vs. Feminism? Where are you going with this? The Sisterhood story (compared to Robin-hood) starts with (charcter) dealing with failed relationships and all of her past having one thing in common: the abuse. The land of the abused. The abused girls. None of this is about violence, per se. It’s about sex. It’s about dominance. It’s about power over the less powerful. It’s about men’s brains failing to grow up, to mature. The jealousy men have because girls mature faster than boys? So the girls are abused. Take advantage. Almost all of them are abused. Those who are not abused are the freaks. Like the fat girl scorning the skinny girl. If you’re not like us then you are not. Wait. I used that same idear in Till The Cows Come Runnin’. All the same. Shame I never really finished it. Dung heap. Remember that one? Can’t let that one go either, eh, baby. When girls are introduced to sexuality the wrong way then it’s no wonder so many are sexually skewed. Is this the reason girls fall for Barbie or Cinderella or sleeping beauty, etc? To fill the void left by abuse they seek refuge in fantasy.

The Characters (of LOP):

Mikey Stone
Burn Cochstan
Tough Toman
Who Res
Jon Sten Stedwart
Wary Cochstan (realation?; Burn dad?)
Barn Barthal Meneu (Burn uncle?)
Clar Nougat
Lizzy Beth (Mother)
Mit Cha (step-father)
El Lain (sister)
The Cowboy (lover of Mother?)
The guys in the colored shirts
The Anonymous

Edison’s famous unspoken quote: “Why can’t I invent power.” He was angry when he couldn’t corner the energy market. He was forced to compete?

AC/DC = The same difference?

A counter or alternative to the Edison story. Include the story about the printing press from Mainz and Gutenberg. Unlike portraying Edison to be an asshole, Gutenberg could be portrayed as a naive nincompoop(?) Is that possible? Or, better, portray Gutenberg as someone not corrupted by the trickle of Capitalism that subsequently drove USA to the ground.

Printers. Print because readers read. But the secret was/is what was being printed. History is obsessed with the device that allows/enables the dissemination of information and very little is said as consistently about THE information. Gutenberg never tried to corner the market of the press or knowledge. Yet with the invention of electricity Edison tried to corner the energy market. The power corner. Oh, when there was still opportunity. Who know when Aristotle was being printed it was actually from Aristotle? Do not mention the printing of the bible. The printing press marked the move from medieval language of metaphors to the adaptation of scientific method.

All of the anonymous pick-ups have/use code names. See character names above. They use the names of industrialists or something else (fun names?). See Edison and Fitsimmons (who invented AC/DC?) or Ford and Otto Kraus (who actually designed the assembly line. Ford stole credit for that and only let Otto take credit for OK). How ’bout the inventor of Cola? Sasperilla? It’s (character) who puts all these names together to figure out the code used by (character other). One tries to get the other on his side, to join the movement but then (character other) shows his true hate for…

Messianic? To. Mega-church?

When god left his last gift to man was free-will. He washed his hands of it. The reason prayers are not answered is because too many of them infringe on free-will. Wash your hands and mind and soul of it. Free will.

LOP add story of the tyrant Agrigentum, Phalaris and his brazen bull. Invented by Perillos of Athens, the brazen bull was a torture device used in capital punishment. Cast in the shape of a bull with a door on the side that could opened, closed and locked. The device was heated till it turned red. The head of the bull was designed to amplify the screams of the person inside. Ironically, Perillos was ordered to test the device and was let out just before death. Eventually Phalaris had Perillos thrown from a cliff.