Body Types

- echtomorph (thin) - endomorph (fat) - messomorpth See the ballad of Lucy Jordan by Marianne Faithful. Interesting text about a lost 37 year young woman.

Systemic of Control

Bacteriophage. A virus that attacks bacteria. Not a profitable treatment, hence not used or researched! Soviet Union and Georgia used this the most. Most used as alternative to antibiotics. Trying to fathom, understand any reason behind the supression of sexuality. What is the opposite of sex? Murder? If not, why not? The opposite of sex … Continue reading Systemic of Control

Schumi vs Humility

Subtitle: Or Luck vs. Opportunity? Today’s middle-aged bitter rant with a few self-indulgent anti- and autobiographical tangents meant to challenge the mind's-eye of the visually impaired has to do with... Michael Schumacher is finally finished with F1. Gee, (turn on the sarcasm now) … this makes me ask: Why does such an honest, hard working, … Continue reading Schumi vs Humility

Saying It Better

Finding those who say it better. There are so many. Why is it that I must be the one amongst the many, the crowd who, if required, stands out only because he can achieve nothing? America touts itself as the land of the free, but the number one freedom that you and I have is … Continue reading Saying It Better

Burying Books

(Note: post contains notes from Oct 2 thru 6.) A woman who sees things. Her idears of how things should be, though, are in stark contrast to how they are or how they seem or are they all too real? Never nuff. These thoughts of lost. Go with it, nomatter. Idear An everyday kind of … Continue reading Burying Books