Burying Books

(Note: post contains notes from Oct 2 thru 6.)

A woman who sees things. Her idears of how things should be, though, are in stark contrast to how they are or how they seem or are they all too real? Never nuff. These thoughts of lost. Go with it, nomatter.


An everyday kind of guy. His job? Physicist. He is, unknown to himself and others, though, deeply distrubed. While unmasking great mathematical secrets in the world of physics (is that possible as a physicist?) his own secret emerges. In fact. His secret comes to light. Literally. You know the idear of the lightbuld going off when you have a great idear? Well here it is finally manifest. But more importantly–what is it?

Savior. Two old freinds meet. One is an evangelical christian–a recruiter–very successful. The salesman! The other an athiest. A play. About being saved. Saved to religion. Save from religion. But who is doing the saving? Who is saved? Who can be saved? Who should be saved? The twist of the story is how the evengelical finds himself being saved by the athiest. What a twist, eh! How? What is the mechanism used in the story/play that carries this twist? Define saved. What is it to be saved? Does this make any sense? Being saved is submitting oneself to bondage.

Never bury books. Burying books is what makes humanity stupid. That must be the reason we are what we are.

Wait. Missed something just now.

Never buy books at their release. Leave that to the others. Instead happen by your read. Check out all the cemetery’s that have humanities misplaced knowledge in their bowels. Buried books the earth cannot digest. Other than that, let the read find you.

Master describing women. The way they do everything. Move their lives when they talk or smoke or eat. Get up from a chair according to the chair they are using. The way they move their hands while talking and how everything they do changes when talking between boy and girl and that whole procreation thing. Yeah, that’s what it all comes down to.