A Fifth Gospel

Send it to Rome, she said after I was finished, closed it, breathed a sigh of relief and put the book on the nightstand next to the bed. She rolled over and stopped me from turning the light out. Leave it on, she added while pulling the sheet down and revealing my sternum. Took you long enough to finish, she said and then added, And it’s not even a thick book. Then she pushed the sheet down to my knees and proceeded to make those loud pucker sounds as she kissed her way south. I don’t know if I’m in the mood, I said. That’s because after all that travel you think reading is more relaxing than… But I wanted to get this one out of the way, I want to move on to Mailer’s Castle which I picked up at the airport. Why didn’t you finish reading this one on the flight? Wasn’t it like an eight hour flight? I tried to tell her that I worked during the flight but she was preoccupied. She said, Just be quiet now, I missed you, relax and let me be, stay right where you are. But I’m preoccupied, too, I said and didn’t resist. Just get me wood and let me do my business, she said. I miss you, she added. You said that already, I said. As pleasurable as her affront was, I couldn’t get my mind off Mailer (and his intentions) and the simple fact that he had written a fifth Gospel and it might be for stupid people and I’m not sure why he would do that. And then her head popped up and she said while gorging on wood, Maybe they’ll canonise it. There was a short blissful pause (in thought). She came up again for air placing her sights between wood and my eyes, pleased with what she had accomplished and said again, They should canonise it. Isn’t that blasphemous, I asked. It’s just a gospel but written by Jesus, she added. I gave it to you because it sounded interesting, different. How many of them gospels are there again, she said while straddling me and the wood she made. I want you to stop talking and thinking for about twenty minutes because that’s all I’ll need after you’ve been gone for four weeks. I missed you I missed you I missed you, she said. And I finally gave in and lost my preoccupation. I missed her, too.



Rant on.