Kafka Has A Shore

Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami

Say. Isn’t/Wasn’t Czechoslovakia landlocked? If so, could Kafka get to a shore with his cat? Or is it with his beetle?

There’s really not much to titles–either the title of this post or the title of the brilliant novel by Haruki Murakami. With that in mind, if you ever get a chance, dear worst-reader, read this book and the title of it will take you away tonevereverwonderland galore. This book is so brilliant that for a moment I thought I was reading Umberto Eco, albeit in Japanese. Whatever that means. At the least, if you read this book, say, on vacation, while all others are reading those dipshit pop-novels (no disrespect to the authors that write them), then you will stand out like a sore thumb… or a green thumb. Not sure which. Nomatter. Great read.

Here’s the book of knowledge entry for Kafka On The Shore.

Rant on.