Bash This

Dear Hunting With Jesus by Joe Bageant

My reading list is long. Bageant’s books have been on my list for years and with his passing I feel compelled to move him up a few notches. He’s a redneck to steel my heart! Probably no other writer has yet captured the essence of how/why stupid white people, middle class apathy and ignorance has ruined Amerika.

Even though I’m a born & reared redneck, I’ve had the privilege of getting around this planet. I can’t tell you how much I miss home, though, on account all my travels turned out to be an expat nightmare. But now, after all this time, home is only an idear. It’s most certainly not about geography (to paraphrase Bernard Shaw). There will be nothing cheaper, ever, than the shit I write here which derives out of all this travel. So there. See you or see you not at my next critical rant. Util then, learn something and at least imagine changing the world.

Facebook exchange after I posted vid (below) after reading “Deer Hunting With Jesus”.

FB Friend 2: Tommi, are you American anymore?

Me: Sure. Polly wanna cracker?

FB Friend 2: Talk is cheap. Some of the things you say. Not good.

FB Friend 1: “Talk is cheap” – considering the way you react to a perfectly innocent view on America: No, it ain’t. It can cost dearly. Talk can be the walk you gotta walk.

FB Friend 2: There is nothing innocent about Tommis’ views when you bash your own “home” as he called it. Also he keeps calling himself a redneck,could not be a redneck back in those days unless you wore orange and white rolled down socks and chains hanging off of your belt.I do not believe I ever saw him wear that.More like prepy,football jock,that loved the attention the girls gave him.He was also alot nicer.

FB Friend 1: Q.E.D. (And here I thought you were just one little “e” short from being a German yourself.)

Rant on.