Things Not Fought For Anymore

Homage To Catalonia by George Orwell

Swiped this book from the shelf of a friend. You know the situation. You go somewhere and you look through the book shelves of others. Every once-a-once you see a book and you say: she’s reading this? Why? And then you know, being the reader you are, that it can’t be right that she reads a book that you haven’t read yet, at least a book of this literary stature. All her pop-entertaining books can stay where they are. But this book… would mean that she’s one-up on you. That won’t fly.

Although Homage To Catalonia is politically one-sided, it’s a fascinating exposé of the ideological aftermath of WW1. Things fought for, things believed in, haves and havenots. Today war is just about having and having more. Idears are no longer fought for, the fight is now only about oil and hegemony.

Oh, in case you’re interested. It didn’t work between us. I returned the book after she saw it on my coffee table. And then I learned that there was no vindication. For she never actually read it.

Rant on.