Fostering My Wallace

Ever read something and before you get to the third chapter you start saying: Ok… I’ve had about enough of this. This can happen even though the book or author you’re reading is quite popular and making publishers money. And so, you know how it goes, there’s a famous author that you just have to read because you’re sick and tired of social events where social butterflies ask, especially when they hear you’re a “writer”: have you read … ? For moi, this is the case with authors like the chick that wrote Harry Potter or Dan Brown. I guess I just thought I should at least try to read them. Thank goodness social events have left my calendar, eh. Also. But there are other authors that I had a hard time reading or had to put down after a few chapters that I can’t quit. I suppose the simple reason for that is because no matter how their writing may turn me away, they are masters of a craft and I’m just not quite smart to appreciate that yet. Hemingway is one of those authors. I have a few of his books that during the past 35+ years have accompanied me. I’ve started each and everyone of them and only finished one. And unlike third grade writers of boy magicians, I don’t give Hemingway’s books away. They will stay with me forever because I know that some day I will read all of them. Someday. Unexpectedly another author has joined my Hemingway collection. His name is David Foster Wallace. Will this video remind me to take down my copy of Infinite Jest and give it another go? Maybe. But perhaps I should give “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men” another try.

Rant on.