Apple Liver Cirrhosis

Subtitle(s): Should have bought a ThinkPad instead of (late fall 2010) Apple Macbook Pro 13″. This is a slight commemoration to the introduction of the home computer which just happens to be on this day.

Commemoration: August 12, 1981. IBM introduces the PC. Wow. Go IBM!

It’s never enough to realize (only) where and how things have gone all wrong. One must also call out that which is the source of wrong. And it’s exactly here that I’m torn. In the fall of 2010 I had finally reached wit’s end. Although I’m bad with saving money, I’m pretty good at not spending it. One of the best ways to not spend money – and this may be a ground breaking thought for most of you – is to never buy anything new. Yet the one big consumer need that pained me was not being able to afford a new computer when I finally needed one. All this writing and blogging was do-able on cheap, hand-me-down equipment because I managed most of my writing and blogging with PCs that I had pieced together; heck, I even worked with an old laptop that had no functioning battery. The thing is, I was yearning to make the next step in self publishing which had culminated in securing As if fate were partaking, right out of the blue, something happened and a bit of luck fell my way. Let’s just say that I found an old check that hadn’t been cashed. With that, I budgeted 600,- euros to buy my first new PC in over ten years. Web presence here I come!

Now. From 1998 to 2010 I was a reformed computer user. That is, I’m one of those rare users that left Apple and their silly OS. The move to Windows and Linux was brilliant and for all those years I never missed using a Mac. But get this. As luck fell my way and I started to shop around for a new computer so that I could focus on managing my website and digitizing my work, lo-and-behold. A German tech store chain had a grand opening; the store opened at midnight. I walked in and went straight to the computer section. And what do I find? A forklift pallet of new MacBook Pro 13″. Above the pallet was a sign that read: €899,-.

Sure. Get rid of surplus, I thought. Apple had to get rid of out-dated CPU’s in order to make room for sandybridge devices. Sell the old ones quickly must have been the mantra. And then cynical thoughts about a company and its products that I had long since given up on started to churn in my head. I remembered the Mac Classic that I bought under similar circumstance in 1995. It was a left-over that the store couldn’t sell. Although expensive, as Macs are, I bought it at a few hundred Euros under retail price. After that I bought a used pizza box mac as my first PowerPC. After that I bought a refurbished Mac clone from PowerComputing – the best and last Mac I ever had, btw. And now I’m standing in front of another tantalizing deal – even though I wanted to finally move from WinXP to Win7, having skipped Vista.

This was not just my lucky day but also a day of confusion. Think: an offer one can’t refuse. As I said, I stopped using Macs ten years ago. Of course I followed the company and it’s evil ways and I knew a few things about what it was selling. I especially knew the evil it propagated with iPods, iTunes and playing the cock-to-the-sucker mediator between music consumers and music distributors. I had no issues not buying a Mac because their products, although fancy and shinny and impeccably marketed, were always a tick behind when it came to hardware specs – and once you overcome the issues of using it – which I did! – Windows is really great software. (Go ‘head, bitch slap me.)

Enter OS X! Please, exit OS X.

“The most modern operating system?”

Oh, come on. Just like system 7, 8 and 9, OS X still has that stupid menu bar at the top of the screen. Also, try mapping network drives on a Mac. And don’t get me started with cost of peripherals for Macs. (Can you say Firewire?) Easy to use? So what? I also managed to graduate from 3rd grade. Apple sells products for fancy and comfortable lemmings with deeper pockets. Basta. Anyway. Deserving of lots more skepticism, I really thought that people would wake up to evil-apple especially as the company switched from PPC processors to Intel. Intel processors were practically half the price of PPC yet Apple kept the price of it’s hardware the same. What can one expect from lemmings, eh?

And so… right there in front of me were the cheapest priced Macs I had ever seen. The sale was going on for 24hrs. Now get this: my dream machine was a full spec ThinkPad. But it was out of the question because it cost 2500,- euros. Instead, I was after an Acer or a Sony Vaio or blah-blah. A device like that didn’t have the prestige but would be a great work-horse for my needs. I asked a sales rep – at the same time watching the pallet reduce in size as people kept picking away at it – and he told me that Apple had given the store permission to sell this one pallet of MacBook Pro 13″ under their standard retail price, which was 1299,-. And suddenly, my world was turning. The fact is, I had searched and searched and read and read about what compromises I was going to make with my purchase. Weeks prior to this I had even bought two different laptops online but sent them back because I was shocked at how cheap they were made. Wow. So much for not being a consistent consumer, eh. And Apple does make pretty good hardware. I think.

A bit frustrated and tired of shopping. I checked the specs of the MacBook Pro 13″ and, typical Apple,  they were underpowered with Intel Core 2 Duo processors at 2.4 GHz, but they did have 4GB ram and 250GB drive. Although only tick a faster in the CPU arena, I was counting on getting an i3 CPU Windows device that would include the same ram but more drive space – for 699,-. Without getting too deep into my disappointment with OS X, I will admit that Apple hardware is of good quality and has generally a higher standard than run-of-the-mill plastic-built windows machines (that I could afford). More reason to go “wow” as I stood in front of the cheapest priced Macs I’d ever seen in a retail store.

Well. Long story too long. I splurged and got one of the last remaining Macs on the pallet. And here we are. Disappointed, sorry and wishing I had splurged even more and bought a real computing device – one that was way out of my budget – ThinkPad’s rule!


The hardest thing about being a loner is not fighting against the loneliness. The hardest thing is trying to tell all the lemmings of the world that they are the fodder feeding the evil that is life on this planet. Everyone should be a bit more lonely from time to time. It’s a very humbling thing. Seriously. I’ve gotten in fist fights over this. Just try telling someone that is so deeply indoctrinated in believing the same as everyone else thereby being full of the same shit that… (warning: gotta ramble on here for bit) …not only is god dead, a’la Nietzsche, but the devil is dead as well, because, like Nietzsche’s god, the devil couldn’t deal with how well all his earthly prodigy took the master planning to heights that not even He could fathom. Since humans – especially American’ts – redefine everything to fit their need of never facing any truth, when will the day come when the word evil is redefined? Oh. We’re already there.

Enter the living, barely walking, emaciated physical ghost of Steve Jobs.

The main reason I’m writing this is because for the last couple of weeks there has been one recurring headline in the news – and I don’t mean just tech news. It’s been Apple this and Apple that. And more Apple this and more Apple that – everywhere. Obviously Apple is the most successful company in human history. It’s also now the most profitable company in human history. Oh, and this is a catalyst, Apple has more cash than the government of the united mistakes of American’t. I don’t know about you, but if you really focus, really try and put aside the blindness that is your rearing as a consuming lemming American’t, doesn’t that last headline (the cash thing) kinda make you wonder if the end is no longer nigh – but instead the end has been here since 1984 became 1984?

Remember that? Oh, I do. I vividly remember Steve Jobs’ drugged-out attempt to compare IBM to be something akin to the enemy – or was it the devil? Obviously Steve loved his drugs (and as we now know his liver didn’t) and his self serving interpretation of George Orwell. In fact, he loved his drug induced state-of-marketing-mind so much he made – at the time – the most expensive TV commercial in history. Ironically, the current status of Apple juxtaposed to its origins is mind-boggling. The deep voice of that Superbowl commercial that was completely alien to the woman running through the hall down the perfectly paved pathway of corporate lemmings sitting in fold-out chairs, saying: nineteen eighty four won’t be like nineteen eighty four…. Well. What do you think? Are we in 1984 – or what? At the least, today I have no remorse claiming that Apple has become IBM. And more so. I even say, Apple is a hundred times worse than anyone could imagine IBM ever becoming. But, gee. Their products do shine, don’t they.

It is understandable that one shouldn’t go around using the word “never” in certain context. Hence. I never thought I’d buy another Apple computer. But I did. And, yes, I do regret it. It’s not that my (late fall) MacBook Pro 13″ has disappointed me as a product. It hasn’t. In fact, I’ve even take on the expense of expanding it, increasing it’s HD to a hybrid drive that’s faster than most 7200rpm drives. I’ve also upped RAM to 8GB. Thank goodness I have my favorite OS, Win7, installed on a separate partition that I always boot up when the Mac bullshit gets too thick! As I said, some of the products Apple makes are above industry norms when it comes to their physical designs, ergonomics, etc. What’s got me so riled is, after having spent almost ten months with this device – and it’s antiquated operating system (OS X) – I’ve started to realize the power and control that Apple has over me as one of its lemming users. Each time I see one of those headlines about the success of Apple I start to cringe. I think: oh my, now even more people are gonna start buying into this krapp. Go ‘head, George Orwell, roll over.

What is it that has caused me to hate Apple – and hate it always being in the news? It’s not that I simply hate success in others because I’m such a failure. It’s not the fact that Apple has become an evil behemoth above and beyond IBM either. The reason is, there is this sick irony that if one looks at the united mistakes economy and the pervert-circus known as American’t politics, it’s just too obvious how Apple can be so successful. Or? I mean, it’s understandable that Exxon is successful. Everybody gets that, right? No? Shall I run that down for you? Here we go..

The 2000 election put a failed and bitter blue blood child and lackadaisical oil businessman in the white house. Then, because of the fear/comfort of 9/11, lackadaisical (and failed) businessman and his cronies pushed through tax breaks for oil companies because the terrorists already won by scaring the beegeezees out of OPEC. Exxon, and others, get to reap profits from squandering oil from devastated and invaded middle east third world countries and don’t even have to pay taxes on those profits back home. Exxon is stealing milk by holding a gun to a mother’s head that has just lost her new born child. On top of all that sweetness, the united mistakes finance wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with borrowed money and at the same time drains the treasury to pay-off the war profiteers in the name of patriotism. Nuff said there, eh.

So what’s Apple’s excuse? The answer to that can be found in figuring out how/why it is that a company makes so much off of selling things intangible and selling things it doesn’t even make. I remember the first time I ever went to San Francisco. This was in the mid 90s and Apple was suffering. I remember visiting its headquarters and even walking in to the reception area of Infinite Loop 1, Cupertino, and asking someone where they make those overpriced machines. The answer? Someone raised a hand, pointed in any direction and said, proudly: in America. Well, that was then, this is now. Today it wouldn’t surprise me if the only thing Apple had that was made in America were No. #2 pencils with Made in USA printed on them in some dust filled closet underneath Steve Jobs’ office. It’s safe to say that one of the reasons Apple is so profitable is because it has practically no operating costs. I mean, the only thing that costs Apple money – comparatively speaking, of course – is all that bullshit marketing and the cost of shipping design requirements over to Foxconn. You see, other companies make Apple products. Apple just talks about those products. Indeed, Apple is the most successful among all other American’t companies to go down the path of outsourcing – everything. That, and the magic of lemming manipulation, is the reason Apple has more cash than the united mistakes government. Now stuff that in your patriot cap next time you buy something on the App Store. Which brings me to…

A moment of protest! Or. How to not die from liver cirrhosis.

People in the united mistakes should stop buying Apple. I know that will be difficult because it’s the land that finds shinny teeth (and oil milk) more precious than new borns. Also, in the name of fairness that has long since had to yield to power, people should especially stop using Apple’s soon to be monolithic App Store. Seriously. That’s how I see the App Store. You know. Think: Stanley Kubrik’s Space Odyssey. Remember the scene where the apes see the monolith for the first time? Well? Remember? There ya go, then. Anywho. If you have to use the App Store because, as is the case with most of the united mistake’s economy that is based on lies and the false pretense sometimes called, and believed to be, free-markets, write to the software maker telling them that you’re even willing to pay more to get the software without the App Store. (I know, this is a wishful thinking protest, right? Actually, I just thought I’d throw it in for some belligerent sake of posterity.)

What Apple is doing with the App Store is just as bad as what it’s done with hardware and, I believe, could be the final installment on disengaging consumers from actually owning anything anymore. You pay for it – you just won’t ever really own it. Is it me or does that sound like something that has to be a byproduct of Jobs’ Orwellian LSD trip? The App Store is the first iteration of something that is not only new but something that not even the devil himself could come up with. (That’s why he left town to join god on some comfy edge of the universe beach.) Wow. Maybe I shouldn’t throw the word evil or devil around so much. I mean. There’s only one thing American’ts like more than shinny teeth (and oily milk)…

Ok. I naively bought back into the Apple world and this subsequently got me into an ecology that has opened my eyes. Ten years ago it was mostly about exuberant costs of mediocre products that turned me away. How things have changed, eh. But I’ve also learned that many Apple users are pretty cool – even though they’re obviously lemmings. On top of that, Apple hasn’t figured out a way to use webcams and ultra-sensitive microphones and super conducting keyboards that can install commands into people’s brains. Or? Just keep waiting for that next product update. Did I mention how well my MacBook Pro 13″ works with Windows 7!

To their credit, Apple managed to procure the holy grail mixture of bullshit & marketing thanks to LSD and whatever other hallucinates – that rot livers. Their success is due to the things previously mentioned and the fact that other tech manufacturers were incapable of moving beyond what I consider to be a low-bar of technology achievement over the past twenty years. For example, how come it took a company so long to get to the iPad? I owned and used two Newtons and they, let me tell you, were just as good (considering the technology available at the time) as the iPads are today. To think that we had products like Newtons and so many years later we get iPads…? Sorry. I’m not impressed. And what’s waiting in the lemming control wings of tech-corporate American’t? The tablet ecology introduced by Apple is the cream de la cream and Steve Jobs’ greatest control-freak, corporate authoritarian wet-dream. The reason there is no competition to iPads as of version 2.0 of the device is because no other tech company can duplicate the closed ecology Apple has achieved with this device – thanks to shinny teeth, milk-oil loving lemmings!  Rotten Apple’s for everyone, baby.

The one thing I am impressed with is that Steve Jobs isn’t dead. I’m not trying to be cruel. How is it that they’ve kept him alive all this time? But then again, as William Burroughs once said (paraphrase), if you do it right, you can live off of heroin and chocolate. If what Jobs has achieved with the American’t corporation is left to history as an example above and beyond the corporate tyranny of, say, Exxon, it’s no wonder that the united mistakes economy will never recover for main-street. But who really wants to think about that? Jobs is a billionaire and there’s still time to shinny-up his teeth. And, imagine this, there’s plenty of G5 jets to go around for the privileged classes that American’ts love & adore & worship in order to order new livers (or whatever failed organs). Talk about cool. If only Steve Jobs could get that inside a Macintosh.

Yeah, baby. Corporate owned ecology sucks.

More worst-writing on Apple and Jobs is on this site.



Rant on.


To Be Or Not To Be Downgraded

Love the whole S&P story of late. The United Mistakes is finally being called out for what it’s worth. And what is it worth? Indeed. It’s worth what some weird, nebulous rating system used by investors, investor cheaters and snake oil salesmen, says it’s worth. And get this: the United Mistakes credit rating has been dropped something like a half-notch and a quarter. That right. It’s been dropped from AAA to AA+. Wow. So. Like. Does this mean the United Mistakes should get it’s shit together? You know. Get its shit together like some stupid, fat white guy should get his shit together if he wants to buy that rusting el camino on that greasy-grimy used car lot in the other county? But, on the other hand, if the S&P rating actually has meaning, who’s paying attention to it? I mean. For whom is this significant? I’ll tell you who. Those who run the idiocracy and those who vote for the idiocracy. I mean, this is a first. Don’t American’ts like being first?

Oh, speaking of being first. Did anyone see the headline where China has suggested getting rid of Dollar as world currency? Looks like a lot of new firsts might be coming to town, eh. China taking the lead?

Anywho 1. Credit rating, schmedit rating.

Imagine sitting in some slimy used car salesman’s trailer office. You look around and see the cracked and stained walls surrounding you and every time you move in your cheap, uncomfortable fold-out chair, the floor feels as though it could give way. The salesman, with his three day beard – not out of fashionable reasons but because he can’t afford overpriced razors anymore – is running your name through the most valuable device in his office just prior to slipping you a pen and a legally binding finance contract. In fact, the device he’s using is more valuable than the rusting cars, some on cylinder blocks in his lot, that he’s going to sell to you as you gallantly sign your name: xx sucker. The device he’s using to see if you can sign your name? A credit rating device. You know, put your name, address and social security number into the device and out comes a printed affidavit that is the true value of who and what you are. The joke is, if there was any sort of justice in the western world, if your credit rating came out AA+ when it’s always been AAA, then the salesman should throw you out and laugh listening to your stupid white ass making a thud on the untended ground in front of the buckets that serve as the stairs to the trailer’s front door. But that’s not what happens, is it?

This brings us to the idiocracy. Just look at all the headlines and read some of the articles or listen to some of the broadcasts about the United Mistake’s credit rating downgrade. It’s as though this downgrade is something new. As though, just because it’s a first, people now, finally, need to pay attention. Well, I have to ask. Where were those people in 2010 elections when the United Mistakes returned, albeit slightly, to the downtrodden path of dipshit Bushism and threw a wrench into the effort to try and deal with the culmination of thirty years of conservatism turning into a malignant glob of smelly krapp that magically spews shinny tunes of patriotism, happy-greed, exploitation and corruption?

Yes. The joke is. Even as conservatives mock the United Mistake’s Prez they (all) love to hate, that same Prez has persistently acquiesced – to conservatism – ever since his inauguration. Why isn’t that appreciated by conservatives? Okay. Won’t get into why Prez is so hated – but I’m sure it has something to do with the color of his eyebrows. Oh my. Let’s stick with the downgrading of credit reliability, shall we.

The fact is, this downgrade will hopefully wake up those who were sleeping during the 2010 elections that enabled Boehner to get 98% of what he wanted in the debt ceiling debate in 2011. Beyond that, with conservatives regaining control of the House, mixed with pseudo-liberals controlling Senate and Exec (controlling Exec in form of banking & industry lobbyists in the Exec cabinet, etc.), the stage was set to enact some kind of eye opener. That is, if the voting nutcases called constituents fail to have enough in their consume-sick minds to make a voting decision that might benefit something other than their fail-upwards optimism, then let the financial system do what it thinks will best get the United Mistake’s house in order. Can you say… May the consume-drunk phoenix rise from it’s bed of corporate profit ashes -while China laughs in the wings of the world stage?

It’s hard for me to blame the Prez for all this. Even though I wanted Hillary! But it seems to me that he’s playing some kind of game and as I think more and more about it, I’m starting to like it. He simply doesn’t have enough political clout to ensnare and annihilate the disgusting conservatism that has long since ruined American’t, turning it from a (spew sarcasm, here, please) great nation of really, really, gnarly free people (stop sarcasm here, please) into a nation of economic surfs, talking head demigod followers and über-optimists – and, of course, successful lawyers and bankers. Sure. Prez was clearly elected – unlike dipshit Bush being not-clearly elected twice. But what needs to happen is that conservatism – in its post dipshit-Bush form – has to be defeated with more gusto, more clarity, more and bigger liberal balls. I for one feel at times as though the democratic party and its old school have left the Prez out to dry. The only voice out there that provides some kind of progressiveness for him and his few and far between constituents is a voice that can only speak to a limited audience. Why that is I do not know – but perhaps it has something to do with limited and one sided media coverage and, quit possibly, not enough free Internets (my main source of information). But then again. As an expat that saw it all coming – except the wars – back in the early 90s, all I can say is: suckers!

Still. It is very saddening to me to watch the deterioration, not of my home country, but of the few and far between folks that I remember who could actually think and be politically reasonable. Boy, are they all getting royally screwed by the new & improved American’t aristocracy, I mean, idiocracy, I mean…

Anywho 2. All I’m trying to say is, the conservatism that now owns American’t cannot be defeated on a level and objective playing field. If American’t wants to move beyond downgraded credit ratings, debt ceiling debates and all the other nonsense of late, get rid of conservatism. Just get rid of it.

(I know. Dream on, worstWriter.)



Real Issue About Unions

Subtitle: Competing forces in the arena of air safety, union busting, (dys)functioning pseudo-capitalistic societies and the/a continuing fight among inbred cousins.

Two news stories (see external links) from dueling national-cultural perspectives, namely the Germanic and the Anglo, caused me a thought or two on the subject of air safety and union busting.

After reading both stories all I could think about was irony. In my grand united mistakes and in my not-so-grand Germanic dis-republic, the same thing is happening at the same time. What’s happening is this:

Germanic’s: air traffic controllers want to strike to get, as usual, either more money or reduced work time. Same old, same old.

United Mistakes: the idiocracy-lead and dysfunctional Congress has failed to fund the FAA, the federal aviation administration.

So. What do these happenings have in common? IMO, it’s union and labor costs.

But look at the circumstances. I mean, this is really good stuff. I’ve been saying for years now that there is a new & improved fight waiting to happen on the horizon. It’s a fight between the Anglo world and the Germanic world. Scary thought, eh. I mean, you would think that this fight has been settled. You know. The great world wars, n’all that. But noooooo. The only thing that was settled was the Anglo’s helped the Germanic’s get the jews out of Europe and the Anglos were able to take the lead on being the occupiers of the planets natural resources for profit – literally beating the Germanic’s to it. Oh, and let’s not forget that the Anglo’s, with their win, were able to keep them damn-dirty communists at bay. But enough conspiracy theory, eh. Look at where we are now.

What then could be the gist of a new fight waiting on the horizon among these inbred cousins? Obviously, when it comes to economic policy and political discourse, the Germanic’s have been able to maintain their economies and hence haven’t fallen to the whims of the downs of the trickle-down of Wall Street. I mean, there are numerous examples out there of how the Germanics invest compared to how the Anglos invest. There are also numerous examples of how the two treat their political constituencies. But what’s rare is when both have something going at the same time and one can finally see how the two deal with the issues. While American’t is continuing down it’s dysfunctional path of governance – and thereby hiding behind budget deficits problems ultimately caused by thirty years of radical conservative ideology – the FAA is currently in a financial state of limbo. The united mistakes congress has failed to approve further funding of this – you would think – needed government department. The real issue, though, behind the gone-wild conservative ideology in American’t, is to continue what the dimwit cowboy/actor (Reagan) started: breaking the aviation industry by breaking all the unions. The Germanic’s, on the other hand, are already in the process of negotiating with the unions covering air traffic controllers. The outcome of the Germanic situation is obvious and will be like all the rest. The Germanic’s will cave and give the Euro-unionists what they want and then the price of travel will correspondingly increase. The US, on the other hand. Will most likely not cave and someone’s heaven above only knows what will come of that.

But I ain’t worried – even though I’m traveling to the realm of the FAA and dysfunctionally governed American’t in a few weeks. No. Not worried at all.



Rant on.