Apple Liver Cirrhosis

Subtitle(s): Should have bought a ThinkPad instead of (late fall 2010) Apple Macbook Pro 13". This is a slight commemoration to the introduction of the home computer which just happens to be on this day. Commemoration: August 12, 1981. IBM introduces the PC. Wow. Go IBM! It's never enough to realize (only) where and how … Continue reading Apple Liver Cirrhosis

Real Issue About Unions

Subtitle: Competing forces in the arena of air safety, union busting, (dys)functioning pseudo-capitalistic societies and the/a continuing fight among inbred cousins. Two news stories (see external links) from dueling national-cultural perspectives, namely the Germanic and the Anglo, caused me a thought or two on the subject of air safety and union busting. After reading both … Continue reading Real Issue About Unions