Real Issue About Unions

Subtitle: Competing forces in the arena of air safety, union busting, (dys)functioning pseudo-capitalistic societies and the/a continuing fight among inbred cousins.

Two news stories (see external links) from dueling national-cultural perspectives, namely the Germanic and the Anglo, caused me a thought or two on the subject of air safety and union busting.

After reading both stories all I could think about was irony. In my grand united mistakes and in my not-so-grand Germanic dis-republic, the same thing is happening at the same time. What’s happening is this:

Germanic’s: air traffic controllers want to strike to get, as usual, either more money or reduced work time. Same old, same old.

United Mistakes: the idiocracy-lead and dysfunctional Congress has failed to fund the FAA, the federal aviation administration.

So. What do these happenings have in common? IMO, it’s union and labor costs.

But look at the circumstances. I mean, this is really good stuff. I’ve been saying for years now that there is a new & improved fight waiting to happen on the horizon. It’s a fight between the Anglo world and the Germanic world. Scary thought, eh. I mean, you would think that this fight has been settled. You know. The great world wars, n’all that. But noooooo. The only thing that was settled was the Anglo’s helped the Germanic’s get the jews out of Europe and the Anglos were able to take the lead on being the occupiers of the planets natural resources for profit – literally beating the Germanic’s to it. Oh, and let’s not forget that the Anglo’s, with their win, were able to keep them damn-dirty communists at bay. But enough conspiracy theory, eh. Look at where we are now.

What then could be the gist of a new fight waiting on the horizon among these inbred cousins? Obviously, when it comes to economic policy and political discourse, the Germanic’s have been able to maintain their economies and hence haven’t fallen to the whims of the downs of the trickle-down of Wall Street. I mean, there are numerous examples out there of how the Germanics invest compared to how the Anglos invest. There are also numerous examples of how the two treat their political constituencies. But what’s rare is when both have something going at the same time and one can finally see how the two deal with the issues. While American’t is continuing down it’s dysfunctional path of governance – and thereby hiding behind budget deficits problems ultimately caused by thirty years of radical conservative ideology – the FAA is currently in a financial state of limbo. The united mistakes congress has failed to approve further funding of this – you would think – needed government department. The real issue, though, behind the gone-wild conservative ideology in American’t, is to continue what the dimwit cowboy/actor (Reagan) started: breaking the aviation industry by breaking all the unions. The Germanic’s, on the other hand, are already in the process of negotiating with the unions covering air traffic controllers. The outcome of the Germanic situation is obvious and will be like all the rest. The Germanic’s will cave and give the Euro-unionists what they want and then the price of travel will correspondingly increase. The US, on the other hand. Will most likely not cave and someone’s heaven above only knows what will come of that.

But I ain’t worried – even though I’m traveling to the realm of the FAA and dysfunctionally governed American’t in a few weeks. No. Not worried at all.



Rant on.