To Be Or Not To Be Downgraded

Love the whole S&P story of late. The United Mistakes is finally being called out for what it’s worth. And what is it worth? Indeed. It’s worth what some weird, nebulous rating system used by investors, investor cheaters and snake oil salesmen, says it’s worth. And get this: the United Mistakes credit rating has been dropped something like a half-notch and a quarter. That right. It’s been dropped from AAA to AA+. Wow. So. Like. Does this mean the United Mistakes should get it’s shit together? You know. Get its shit together like some stupid, fat white guy should get his shit together if he wants to buy that rusting el camino on that greasy-grimy used car lot in the other county? But, on the other hand, if the S&P rating actually has meaning, who’s paying attention to it? I mean. For whom is this significant? I’ll tell you who. Those who run the idiocracy and those who vote for the idiocracy. I mean, this is a first. Don’t American’ts like being first?

Oh, speaking of being first. Did anyone see the headline where China has suggested getting rid of Dollar as world currency? Looks like a lot of new firsts might be coming to town, eh. China taking the lead?

Anywho 1. Credit rating, schmedit rating.

Imagine sitting in some slimy used car salesman’s trailer office. You look around and see the cracked and stained walls surrounding you and every time you move in your cheap, uncomfortable fold-out chair, the floor feels as though it could give way. The salesman, with his three day beard – not out of fashionable reasons but because he can’t afford overpriced razors anymore – is running your name through the most valuable device in his office just prior to slipping you a pen and a legally binding finance contract. In fact, the device he’s using is more valuable than the rusting cars, some on cylinder blocks in his lot, that he’s going to sell to you as you gallantly sign your name: xx sucker. The device he’s using to see if you can sign your name? A credit rating device. You know, put your name, address and social security number into the device and out comes a printed affidavit that is the true value of who and what you are. The joke is, if there was any sort of justice in the western world, if your credit rating came out AA+ when it’s always been AAA, then the salesman should throw you out and laugh listening to your stupid white ass making a thud on the untended ground in front of the buckets that serve as the stairs to the trailer’s front door. But that’s not what happens, is it?

This brings us to the idiocracy. Just look at all the headlines and read some of the articles or listen to some of the broadcasts about the United Mistake’s credit rating downgrade. It’s as though this downgrade is something new. As though, just because it’s a first, people now, finally, need to pay attention. Well, I have to ask. Where were those people in 2010 elections when the United Mistakes returned, albeit slightly, to the downtrodden path of dipshit Bushism and threw a wrench into the effort to try and deal with the culmination of thirty years of conservatism turning into a malignant glob of smelly krapp that magically spews shinny tunes of patriotism, happy-greed, exploitation and corruption?

Yes. The joke is. Even as conservatives mock the United Mistake’s Prez they (all) love to hate, that same Prez has persistently acquiesced – to conservatism – ever since his inauguration. Why isn’t that appreciated by conservatives? Okay. Won’t get into why Prez is so hated – but I’m sure it has something to do with the color of his eyebrows. Oh my. Let’s stick with the downgrading of credit reliability, shall we.

The fact is, this downgrade will hopefully wake up those who were sleeping during the 2010 elections that enabled Boehner to get 98% of what he wanted in the debt ceiling debate in 2011. Beyond that, with conservatives regaining control of the House, mixed with pseudo-liberals controlling Senate and Exec (controlling Exec in form of banking & industry lobbyists in the Exec cabinet, etc.), the stage was set to enact some kind of eye opener. That is, if the voting nutcases called constituents fail to have enough in their consume-sick minds to make a voting decision that might benefit something other than their fail-upwards optimism, then let the financial system do what it thinks will best get the United Mistake’s house in order. Can you say… May the consume-drunk phoenix rise from it’s bed of corporate profit ashes -while China laughs in the wings of the world stage?

It’s hard for me to blame the Prez for all this. Even though I wanted Hillary! But it seems to me that he’s playing some kind of game and as I think more and more about it, I’m starting to like it. He simply doesn’t have enough political clout to ensnare and annihilate the disgusting conservatism that has long since ruined American’t, turning it from a (spew sarcasm, here, please) great nation of really, really, gnarly free people (stop sarcasm here, please) into a nation of economic surfs, talking head demigod followers and über-optimists – and, of course, successful lawyers and bankers. Sure. Prez was clearly elected – unlike dipshit Bush being not-clearly elected twice. But what needs to happen is that conservatism – in its post dipshit-Bush form – has to be defeated with more gusto, more clarity, more and bigger liberal balls. I for one feel at times as though the democratic party and its old school have left the Prez out to dry. The only voice out there that provides some kind of progressiveness for him and his few and far between constituents is a voice that can only speak to a limited audience. Why that is I do not know – but perhaps it has something to do with limited and one sided media coverage and, quit possibly, not enough free Internets (my main source of information). But then again. As an expat that saw it all coming – except the wars – back in the early 90s, all I can say is: suckers!

Still. It is very saddening to me to watch the deterioration, not of my home country, but of the few and far between folks that I remember who could actually think and be politically reasonable. Boy, are they all getting royally screwed by the new & improved American’t aristocracy, I mean, idiocracy, I mean…

Anywho 2. All I’m trying to say is, the conservatism that now owns American’t cannot be defeated on a level and objective playing field. If American’t wants to move beyond downgraded credit ratings, debt ceiling debates and all the other nonsense of late, get rid of conservatism. Just get rid of it.

(I know. Dream on, worstWriter.)