Blue Dog Go Home

Major primary losses for conservatives in PA. Oh thank goodness. But wait. These conservatives are Dems. Oh my. Nomatter. Down with conservatives.

Is there good news for anti-conservatives in the future? Not sure. It’s been a long time coming but perhaps, even in the state of PA, the wake up call post tea-partier fiasco of 2010 has arrived. But then again… I doubt it. The weirdest thing about the 2012 GOP presidential primary, other than the candidates themselves, has been their positions. These positions should be the great wake-up-call but they are not – and that’s why it’s called American’t. I can’t recall an election where political ideology has gone to such extremes. But I’m probably wrong. So I can only ponder in the limelight: What has driven this?

The single greatest political problem the world faces is conservatism. In all its varied, fluid, lying forms, conservatism will be the ruin of everything. If one had to reduce conservatism to its essence what would that be? I can only come up with greed. That’s it. So. No wonder voters don’t get it and still vote for the GOP. Getting over conservatism is a goliath task. It would require too much effort on figuring out TRUTH above and beyond your claim to pay fewer taxes or tip your hat to the flag. It will also require somehow repairing all the damage of conservatism from years past. What’s bigger than a goliath task? Herculean? But I digress.

I find it hard to believe that American’ts political problems are all due to the ignorance of repub opportunists alone- of which there are obviously too many. The joke is, a conservative can be from both parties. So. Need there be some kind of empirical study revealing conservatives and what party they belong to? Just have a look at the blue dogs – who were pummeled in recent PA congressional primary. When I first heard about this I thought: wow, is there hope? Is there, however slight, a chance that American’t politics can pull back from the edge? Then I stopped in my tracks. The real question that must be asked long before answering any other is this: where can Ameircan’t go after Dubya?



Rant on.

– tgs-