Boomerang Them Germans

Boomerang by Michael Lewis What is a boomerang and how does it apply to the problems of a world faced with replacing productivity and creativity with speculative finance? Without looking it up on Wiki, I recall a boomerang being a hunting tool. Aborigines used it to stun or deliver a debilitating injury to their prey … Continue reading Boomerang Them Germans

In Search Of A Quote

Disclaimer: this text is probably NSFW. Among the many imaginary friends I wish I had, one woke me up this morn when I was trying to locate something I hadn't searched for in a while. "What are you looking at," he asked. "The exact location of a famous quote," I said. "Why," he (or was … Continue reading In Search Of A Quote

Sharks Barracudas Banks

The other day during a somewhat intensified news scan to try and understand the 2012 JPMorgan bank scandal,  I got to thinking about sharks and barracudas. This was aided when I happened across an article about a German women that was attacked by a sharkwhile on vacation in Florida. Although it seems she will survive the … Continue reading Sharks Barracudas Banks

Hitch And Paine

Thoughts on Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Paine Three Brits did a job on my head. One was a great thinker, one was a great writer and the other didn't bother to tell me, after we had done the dirty deed a whole bunch, that she was married. But I'll get to all that in a … Continue reading Hitch And Paine


Some might consider it privilege, others elitism. But it's also torture. Since 2010 worstWriter lives in a Apple household. And I want to say upfront: this was not my choice. My better-half has completely fallen over the iPad edge and is now a total "post-pc" user. That is, she doesn't use a personal computer anymore. … Continue reading Sucks

Price of Nothingness

Funny how so much gets lost in translation. Like reality. Every time I think that something can no longer happen to make me shake my head at Eurowasteland, something happens. Recent electoral event in France should be making the whole world shake it's head, especially the Eurowastelanders. Of course, I'm not talking about head-shaking at … Continue reading Price of Nothingness