Price of Nothingness

Funny how so much gets lost in translation. Like reality. Every time I think that something can no longer happen to make me shake my head at Eurowasteland, something happens. Recent electoral event in France should be making the whole world shake it’s head, especially the Eurowastelanders. Of course, I’m not talking about head-shaking at the election itself. I mean, the former president was specifically proposing the same shit the new president will try to implement. What a change the French picked there, eh. (But at least they wrapped it in something “liberal”. LOL.) The thing to think about is the eternal status quo that is Eurowasteland’s only claim to fame. And that is the only thing that was voted for in France recently.

How can such an event in France once again muster the non-believers of the Euro-experiment as though one election here or there is gonna make any difference to the status quo? The reality is: Eurowastelanders do not change. Beyond that, nothing new happens in Eurowasteland. It’s that simple. From the get-go every rational person I’ve ever met while living on the continent has been skeptical about the Euro. But with all the political and economic turmoil happening there seems to be something else going on. Eurowastelanders are digging in. That is, if there is ever a way to make the status quo even more status quo – then leave it up to Eurowastelanders to go that route. They will bury themselves in it.

If you think things have been all about nothing up to now, just wait for the results of the so-called “austerity” measures to start kicking in. Oh, they have already kicked in? Could’a fooled me. Everybody knew back in the day when Helmut Kohl was Chancellor that countries like Italy, Greece and Spain, etc., were gonna be the weak links. And during this whole time no one did a thing about it. In the 90s I worked for a German company, but spent almost all my productive time in Spain. The reason for that, other than all the boring business management krapp, was that the German company I worked for could get around 1) the inflexible works council that was always dogging managements decision and 2) the price of the project could be slashed by a third just by implementing in Spain. (BTW, why Spain never caught on to that type of cost-saving to entice more companies to do there projects there is a Euro-mystery probably no one wants to think about. If you ask me, Spain was and still is a great place to work. Yet the Spaniards remained steadfast in their protecting of the status quo – even though the Euro had afforded them some advantages, at least in the area of cost savings, compared to Germany. Oh, I guess the Spaniards were to also too busy complaining about how all their best beach real-estate was being purchased by foreigners. LOL.)

But here’s what I really want to say about of all the krapp being said now about what to me has always been Eurowasteland – and the imminent failure of the Euro. The current turmoil caused by the sour grapes of Italy & Co. needs to be put in context. As bad as things are with bailing out these countries, I have to ask one question: who bailed out Germany when it had to practically absorb a dead-beat country of over 30m die-hard communists? As the rest of Eurowasteland bitched and moaned about the evils of German economic success none of them did anything to actually improve things in their own countries – or at least break the status quo that Eurowastelanders love so much. And yet the Krauts were able to not only deal with things like the European Union, the advent of a new currency, but also integrate the failed remnants of a former Soviet state. Compared to Greece, the Germans must really, really be good at whatever it is they do! And, of course, let’s not forget, with so much intense stuff going on in Eurowasteland since their new money started down the path of dys-unification and ruin, the French think they can elect a “socialist” as president and it’s actually gonna make a difference? Wow.



Rant on.