Lead Shot Frogs

Thoughts: Mark Twain's Short Story Collection What differentiates an artist from mere mortals? There is one thing that working stiffs of this world must never forget above and beyond that fact that they will never get their shit together so as to unite under the auspices of solidarity that they may defeat austerity and hence … Continue reading Lead Shot Frogs

Hyper Stuff

Travels In Hyperreality by Umberto Eco "Travels in Hyperreality" is a collection of essays by Umberto Eco. I don't know exactly when I first read this book and that's starting to bother me - even though it doesn't matter. Over the years I keep pulling this book from different book shelves where I instinctively know … Continue reading Hyper Stuff

Cyberwar Rock-N-Roll

Here's the scenario. It's 1999. I'm working as a PM consultant and our client is (really big tech company). The job is to install a test environment of our software. Our software has been purchased by (really big tech company) because we have something they need in order to complete their massive drive to get … Continue reading Cyberwar Rock-N-Roll