Tech Fail Upward

In order to move one step forward you have to first go five steps backward.  It's true. At the age of (insert number of choice here), I finally got my first contracted cell/smart phone. Of course, I used various cell phones when I worked for the man (corpos), and even used a cheap pre-paid cell … Continue reading Tech Fail Upward

Marry Me Goat

The Goat or Who Is Sylvia by Edward Albee Wiki about this play. Reading through ballot Question 6 for MD election 2012. The language of it is strange and obviously appeases religious zealots who shouldn't be in govt. in the first place. Personally, they should just get rid of the institution of marriage right after … Continue reading Marry Me Goat

Happening Here

Subtitle: Well, like, it's Almost Happening Here And Other Thoughts on Sinclair Lewis's Novel. What goes around comes around. Or? That's sometimes how I feel when it comes to reading. Especially since I'm trying and failing to get back to reading all those old authors that I blew off when I was young because, at … Continue reading Happening Here