Ruins of Bureaucracy 3

aaron swartz


This level of bureaucracy combined with compulsive behaviorism, which, btw, is the only way to have a career in either government or corporations, is also why it deserves the title American’t. Compulsive behaviorists represent it all, dear worstReaders. These pawns, these subhumans that manage to have “careers” only because so many others (most of whom can think for themselves, i.e. yours truly) don’t/can’t have careers, are part of the machine that has ruined life on this planet. And they all think that what they do is so righteous. And so. We (American’ts) massacre millions in the name of empire expansion (and oil) and force a few geniuses to hang themselves who believed information should be free and had the guts to fight for that. Thank goodness life is over before it can even get started. I’m going to buy something expensive this weekend to make my soul-pain go away and everybody else will too.

Rant on.


Moving Backwards

Subtitle 1: The intricacies of a minimalist computer user with too many choices.

Subtitle 2: Returning to Snow Leopard

Note: Been drinking too much. Aka the byproduct of Xmas season and gluttonous living that has reared me. With that in mind…

Oh, dear worst-reader, it’s been yet another long, moist, obnoxious and humdrum season of bore and be-bored in the Cölner Bay. You know, you would think that by now persons of a certain age would have figured out that just keeping the whole Xmas thing away from children might be a start to raising some people to be human instead of a horde of automatons (that we’ve all become), lusting after things that reveal themselves to be unlustworthy in a few short months. But enough about me.

This is a post about what I went through to get back to OS X Snow Leopard after installing Lion and then Mountain Lion on my dreary, weary, lolly mid-2010 “13 MPB that has guided me through thick and thin since that day I remember praying to the immaculate tech-god Steve Jobs that I too, maybe, someday, could own one of his elite products that only folk shitting roses can afford. Since he didn’t hear me, thank goodness there was a reduce-inventory-sale and I could finally afford (just barely afford) one of these things.

Months of deliberation after falling for the BS that Lion was great. This should include the idear that one of the main reasons I could go back to snow leopard was because I have a iPhone 4s, which is my gateway to iCloud. Since the cloud exist above and beyond Apple, i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., there is no reason to bring down my great hardware with software that runs bloated on it.

Lion was nothing but a cash grab where faulty software could provide a bridge to Mountain Lion, which would be yet another cash grab, and would complete the promise of some sort of OS where the spinning ball isn’t the prerequisite of turning on your computer.

The process of thinking about, deciding and finally taking the drunken time to downgrading to Snow Leopard.

My MBP specs and HW configuration.

Compatibility issues, ex.: ripping music.

Master Boot Record and the key to starting a process of un-monopolizing the tech industry.

How to fully erase a corrupt HDD by installing a completely different OS, which impressed me yet again (unbuntu).

And remember–there is something to being aware of what it is totally unnecessary.

Rant On.


Ruins of Bureaucracy 2

aaron swartz 2

Please, I’m not one of those government haters. I only wish that government could, somehow, work better. But that’s asking for to much because it would require the participants of democracy to actually participate. With that in mind, dear worstReader, this whole Aaron Swartz story really gets under my skin. Is there a better example of government over-reach? What about Waco, TX, or the IRS or wars of choice? This young man wasn’t about money or its evil twin power. He was just a smart kid with a promising future. Indeed. We are the slaves to a system that wields power based on a societal paradigm that is outdated, useless and, of course, authoritarian. Swartz’s death is yet another example of failupwardness and why it should be called American’t. May RSS live forever and good luck to all suckers trying to have an original thought.

Rant on.


Ruins of Bureaucracy 1

RIP Mr. Swartz. American’t didn’t invent interwebnets. Nor did it invent non-steam-driven horse-n-buggies. And it most certainly didn’t invent the lie of the mind. But what American’t did invent is the be-like-me-or-be-not, the my-way-or-the-highway, among many other authoritarian accolades. And now we all sit (t)here and don’t think much about freedom. No. Indeed. We think not about freedom. But Mr Swartz did. And he was so young.

Rant on.