Ruins of Bureaucracy 3

Article. This level of bureaucracy combined with compulsive behaviorism, which, btw, is the only way to have a career in either government or corporations, is also why it deserves the title American't. Compulsive behaviorists represent it all, dear worstReaders. These pawns, these subhumans that manage to have "careers" only because so many others (most of … Continue reading Ruins of Bureaucracy 3

Moving Backwards

Subtitle 1: The intricacies of a minimalist computer user with too many choices. Subtitle 2: Returning to Snow Leopard Note: Been drinking too much. Aka the byproduct of Xmas season and gluttonous living that has reared me. With that in mind... Oh, dear worst-reader, it’s been yet another long, moist, obnoxious and humdrum season of … Continue reading Moving Backwards