Ruins of Bureaucracy 2

aaron swartz 2

Please, I’m not one of those government haters. I only wish that government could, somehow, work better. But that’s asking for to much because it would require the participants of democracy to actually participate. With that in mind, dear worstReader, this whole Aaron Swartz story really gets under my skin. Is there a better example of government over-reach? What about Waco, TX, or the IRS or wars of choice? This young man wasn’t about money or its evil twin power. He was just a smart kid with a promising future. Indeed. We are the slaves to a system that wields power based on a societal paradigm that is outdated, useless and, of course, authoritarian. Swartz’s death is yet another example of failupwardness and why it should be called American’t. May RSS live forever and good luck to all suckers trying to have an original thought.

Rant on.