Ruins of Bureaucracy 3

aaron swartz


This level of bureaucracy combined with compulsive behaviorism, which, btw, is the only way to have a career in either government or corporations, is also why it deserves the title American’t. Compulsive behaviorists represent it all, dear worstReaders. These pawns, these subhumans that manage to have “careers” only because so many others (most of whom can think for themselves, i.e. yours truly) don’t/can’t have careers, are part of the machine that has ruined life on this planet. And they all think that what they do is so righteous. And so. We (American’ts) massacre millions in the name of empire expansion (and oil) and force a few geniuses to hang themselves who believed information should be free and had the guts to fight for that. Thank goodness life is over before it can even get started. I’m going to buy something expensive this weekend to make my soul-pain go away and everybody else will too.

Rant on.