Defining Boomer

Ah, funny begets funny. Funny does not beget comedy. Or? Nomatter. We are a nation of college frat-boy collective humorists. We are probably made on the biblically forgotten 9th day. The forgotten 8th day was for all political conservatives. And so. Is it funny the/this god-send of a post boomer generation? Indeed. The funny thing … Continue reading Defining Boomer

Schadenfreude 2

Part 2/2 The more time you spend as an expat without any direction the more destabilizing effect it will have. The reason? Well. Things tend to not remain hunky-dory - in the cerebral cortex. Add to that the joys of life, i.e. divorce, bleeding bank accounts, being stuck in a place that has almost perfected … Continue reading Schadenfreude 2

Save Fourth Estate

Ok, dear worst-reader, scandals can also be boring. I also mentioned that there is a "barrage" of scandals looming around Obama's presidency right now. But I only talked about one of those scandals. This morning I realised that perhaps my use of the word "barrage" doesn't quite fit. As worst-writer, I often rush to judge and … Continue reading Save Fourth Estate

Tricky Hole

Early morning. Sun coming up. Groggy. I quit drinking coffee and the black tea takes longer to get me going. Quick reddit read woke me, though. Luv Sam Shepard and wish I was in Toronto. Here thoughts churned: Not afraid to admit it: Spent most of my adult life dreaming. Big mistake there. But then … Continue reading Tricky Hole

Hybrid Hippie

I mean, come on, this guy was most definitely a hybrid hippie. Meaning: he did all the counter culture shit but there was something else that made him tick. Or? I don't know. I couldn't get into the drugs that freed this guy or any of the others I've met/known that were freed by them. … Continue reading Hybrid Hippie