Hybrid Hippie

steve jobs finger

I mean, come on, this guy was most definitely a hybrid hippie. Meaning: he did all the counter culture shit but there was something else that made him tick. Or? I don’t know. I couldn’t get into the drugs that freed this guy or any of the others I’ve met/known that were freed by them. Obviously, my loss. But. Sucking acid is one thing. Turning that into Apple? That’s something else. I’m wondering this evening if my favourite luv/hate tech guru still has a lot of shit to bring from his grave. No. I think not. This may be it. In fact. I’m not sure I believe this story 100%. (That is, maybe I believe it 73.5%.) I read Isaacson’s biography where he writes about how Jobs rejected Fox News to Murdoch. Why this comes out now, though, is somewhat of a mystery to even my substandard conspiratorial mind. But who am I to judge. Jobs has spoken from the grave and that is that. Or could this have something to do with the upcoming WWDC conference? What? Conspiracy anyone? Even though I don’t believe his iPad was the true, real game changer it was once made out to be. Nomatter. If this story is true then I luv/hate jobs now even more than before. Go tech-hippies, take more acid, the world will be a better place for it.



Rant on.