Infantilism vs Economic Conscription

uncle sam bathing suitWill never forget the visit I made to a US military recruiting centre. Johnny Gun-Ho was my recruiting officer. He was a Marine that had no problem explaining to me the inferiorities of the Army and the Air Force. He even took the time to explain the inferiorities of the Navy, which belong to the Marines, he added. For Johnny, the only thing that was important was that the Marines were the ones to go in before anybody else. Anywho. I went to Johnny at the behest of my government and my high school, the latter having taken special care to remind those who “qualified” (I was already 18 as a senior) to perform my patriotic duty. Keep in mind, a few years prior, I reckon in an effort to reassure Das Volk that Vietnam was indeed over, the US government changed the laws regarding military conscription. But then again, the United Mistakes didn’t really get rid of the draft, now did we? Indeed. What the US did was simply change the draft from being compulsory to being an ultimatum. In other words, millions of men who would forever be trapped in the overwhelming culture of greed that their parents (baby boomers) enabled by electing consume-to-survive to replace the now failing American dream, faced that ultimatum. Either you worked your life for mediocrity and low wages or you went to college in order to become a salesman, a pawn of a dipshit corporatist boss or you subjected yourself to the reality of economic conscription, joining the greatest military on Earth.

Economic turmoil was not the only result of squeezing American’ts in order to grow and enhance empire. There was something else going on as well. The country was in a self perpetuating state of infantilism. All one had to do was go to any university campus to witness this infantilism first hand. Along with that, once Reagan got his fangs in the US’s neck, the leech of our future was unleashed to feed on the host forevermore. A country of young adults that would never grow beyond their parents house or the dorm room paid for by their parents. And, of course, if you couldn’t afford the luxury-excess of learning how to be greedy, taught systematically by American’t for profit university system, there was only one other choice. Johnny Gun-Ho meet Buck Down On His Luck Rogers. Oh, and btw, Johnny can also recruit Betsy Down On Her Luck Rogers, too! That’s right. All’s fair in luv, war and perverted family values corrupted by silly idears like feminism and equal rights.

Indeed. America is no longer a melting pot of culture and creed and idears and ingenuity and merit and achievement. It’s now a cesspool of economically strapped morons that can’t figure out how to get their asses out of the wet, soggy, rotting paper bag they’ve gotten themselves into. So why should anyone question our empire building and a military fighting for profits for the rich and soldiers never again fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves and at the same time raping our sisters stuck in the same sinking boat? According to reports (see links below) there have been 26,000 (2012) cases of sexual abuse in the greatest military on earth. And that’s up from 19,000 (2010). Yeah, mix never being able to grow up with empire building, baby. And stop looking for blame within the obvious.


Rant on.