Defining Boomer

Ah, funny begets funny. Funny does not beget comedy. Or? Nomatter. We are a nation of college frat-boy collective humorists. We are probably made on the biblically forgotten 9th day. The forgotten 8th day was for all political conservatives. And so. Is it funny the/this god-send of a post boomer generation? Indeed. The funny thing is, when making fun, good politics and bad politics are the same. And so (again). This whole politics plus making-fun thing looks as though it’s run might never end. That is, it doesn’t seem to be evolving. But could that be because of the/this new & improved entitlement generation consuming it? Indeed. Colbert and Jon Stewart have done their part when it comes to entertaining the masses. But their comedy also does something else. And here’s the scary part. Colbert is (ac)credited with having invented a word: Truthiness. I can’t help but feel that there is a sad irony about such a word. Does it apply to the conservative right-wing politics that he makes fun of? Or does it apply to his humour? Perhaps that’s the difference between making fun of something and making comedy. I’m probably way off base here, but to me there’s a huge difference between comedy and humour. A child-mind is easily entertained with videos of people falling over themselves. But that same child probably won’t laugh much listening to Lenny Bruce. I guess that’s why after a few shows of either Colbert or Jon Stewart, I yawn and cringe at all the people they make fun of who fall over themselves. Should that subtract from their politics, which is the reason for their generational popularity? But I digress.

Which brings me to the idear of generations. What’s clear in Stephan Colbert’s humour is what he makes-fun of. But then to hear him claim to be part of the generation he makes fun of, well, that kinda confuses me. Again, he invented truthiness. The thing that gets me about the vid below, is that Colbert so casually connects himself to the boomer generation. According to the electronic book of knowledge, Colbert is born in the last year where it’s even possible to be a boomer, 1964. Since I’m just a tick older than he is, that bugs me because I don’t consider myself part of the boomer generation at all. At the least boomers most certainly didn’t let me in their club. Timelines here or there, where the boomer generation begins is probably much clearer than where it ends. Over the years I’ve seen conflicting information regarding what exactly defines a boomer and I don’t intend to split hairs about it (and I should probably not split those same hairs about the difference between humour and comedy). What’s important is that the boomer generation is the greatest club of human greed-mongers, takers and not givers, sex abusers and family destroyers that human history has ever seen. (And I’m still waiting for someone who can make fun of that. Could Bill Hicks be that one?) I consider myself to be in the grey zone between generations. Such a position allows me to see both sides of the coin that is the past and future. On the one side the boomers and the other are those who want to be, and are showing no signs, other than all the wealth their parents and grand parents are hoarding, of being any different. But I reckon now that Colbert is a cultural phenomenon he can damn well claim to be part of anything he wants. Now ain’t that the truthiness. Ha. Ha. He. He.

Oh, IMHO, Colbert’s best performance was his seething speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents dinner. But I digress.


Rant on.