Fly Swatting

Great example of what's wrong and how things can't be fixed. Is vid (below) a meeting of the giants? Not necessarily individual giants but giants of idears, giants of philosophy, American philosophy. Let me explain. There are a few types of Americans. Here we'll deal with two. One is the industrious American. This is the one out … Continue reading Fly Swatting

No Real Men

George Carlin: "How come when it's us it's an abortion, when it's a chicken it's an omelette?" Two questions. Why is Amerika obsessed with abortion? And. Where are the men? I mean, where are the men that are the true cause of abortions? I have yet to hear a man and his intentions being questioned … Continue reading No Real Men

This vs That

A People's History of the United States The Untold History of the United States If you saw these books in a store you might mix them up. At least you might mix up the titles. First, "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn. Took me a lot of years to finally get to … Continue reading This vs That

Mobility To Nowhere

Ah, the paradigm shift from horse & buggy was long and prosperous for cars, governments and, most importantly, oil. This paradigm has served well. Or? Enter Tesla and its founder Elon Musk. The more I hear about him and the more I dream of buying a Tesla S the more confused I get. Is Elon … Continue reading Mobility To Nowhere

The Great Mockery

On The TV series The Sopranos. This post is NSFW. The electronic book of knowledge has this as its first sentence about the American TV series The Sopranos: " American television drama…" Stop the presses! As of the writing of this worst-post, I'm in the fifth season of the series. I started watching the series around … Continue reading The Great Mockery


There is a culture worth not forgetting. Especially when you know that culture is being forced to reach its end. For you see. There is an alternate universe to the baby boomer war-mongers that are going to be our demise. Indeed. There was once a group of hippies, even though some weren't exactly hippies. Well. … Continue reading Wozed

N-Word Luv

Some thoughts motivated after watching Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Anyone want to know how to ruin a potentially good spaghetti western? I suppose the same applies for ruining a (less) potentially good spaghetti world war 2 movie. And why you're watching both, it's probably a good thing if you don't know much about two things. One … Continue reading N-Word Luv

Oh Well vs Orwell

As the world turns and a once great-country-by-example continues down its self-chosen, self-perpetuating slippery slope of totalitarianism, I lose the ability to shake & shiver. I've become numb. Also. It takes a lot for worst-writer to be at a loss of worst-words but this whole NSA surveillance thing has blown the roof off of everything. … Continue reading Oh Well vs Orwell

Incest Uncle Fascist

"Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it." -George Orwell When I think of American Fascism I think of old uncles. Hill-billy uncles. The thing about uncles is, there are good uncles and there are bad uncles. The above … Continue reading Incest Uncle Fascist

What's The Big Deal

In a parallel universe far, far away there is a parallel Marie Antoinette, who is both a grand queen and a successful HR executive in a parallel corporation, yelling at the voter-pawns below her Chateau balcony made of mahogany, gold and Apple iPad aluminium scraps. While simultaneously practicing the skill of sucking golf balls thru … Continue reading What's The Big Deal

Going Down

Denial. Repression. Avoidance. Lie. Project. Ah, growing up in American't. Where would I be today if it weren't for the child rearing that moulded me? But more on that in minute. I'm kinda pissed at the recent headlines regarding Michael Douglas trying to sell his new movie Behind The Candelabra. The thing is, my mom … Continue reading Going Down

Money Explained

Stand Still Like The Hummingbird by Henry Miller We've all been there. (I hope.) The moment where text is before you and you're not sure what will come of it. So you read on and before you know it, what you read starts to drift off the edge of something and it all becomes a … Continue reading Money Explained