Incest Uncle Fascist

“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” -George Orwell

When I think of American Fascism I think of old uncles. Hill-billy uncles. The thing about uncles is, there are good uncles and there are bad uncles. The above quote from George Orwell, who is, IMHO, a good uncle, has something to do with not repeating the past but also somehow being a bit too smart for our own britches regarding the future. Now get this. Britches make me think of bad uncles. Yeah. It reminds me of all things redneck, ignorant, beguiling and most importantly, fascist. I reckon it’s a good thing we live in these gluttonous times. We’re able to somehow block out those bad uncles. And. There’s really no way to pass on britches like we used to do when hill-billy uncles ran around having their way with things that oink and are waiting for a very close cousin to appear so that he could be given some pants, I mean britches. And so (1). In gluttony and less hill-billy life we are forced to live, to galavant and beguile anew. And so (2). We renew the intellect of the hill-billy-uncle in us all. And why not? This new uncle is shinier and has all his teeth and no one seems to need britches anymore as he stands before us, smiling, whispering how pretty our mouths look. Nomatter.

This is our progress. And when renewing anew isn’t enough, we can do what uncle Ronald Reagan told us to do. Don’t think about the political fanaticism that surrounds us and rules us. Just do what uncle says and only your soul be hurt. You’ll then qualify for him to bring you his britches. For he knows best and you believe it so and you want those britches. So. Close an eye to it and go on about your useless-eating, purchase-on-credit renewed hill-billy life. His insertion is upon us. Forget about government, about law making and about the individuals and the true ideologies that they embody. For the day will come, after you’ve consumed more than you know what to do with, where things like the Patriot Act, executive branch over-reach and a legislature unable to differentiate fascism from we-the-people will have become one with you, like that uncle.

Full stop. Start over.

I know. I know. I shouldn’t call the American government fascist. Nor should I lackadaisically associate incestuous behaviour with it. But then again, the seed was planted just after 9/11 and it never actually had any time to germinate. And. The result of not so much the actual planting of the seed, but instead the planting of the idear-seed, is the thing worst-motivating me this morn, dear worst-reader. For. Yes. It is true. After being planted the seed did become a tree. But, again, it did so without germination. The seed went poof and it was a full grown, ready-made, fascist tree. But underneath the label… was/is it a good tree? Or was/is it an evil, single toothed uncle tree? You would think that Americans would wake up to all the over-reach legislation post 9/11 but obviously, instead, we are preoccupied with other, more important stuff. Does the thing that uncle government does to us feel so good that we forget what/who he really is? Or who we really are? Ah, the floodgates unleashed by Herr Conservative, Herr Reagan, Dubya and now the newest and most improve-ist, Obama. They have all beguiled us to new ends by their witty means. By closing eyes and minds to what’s happening around us, these men of embodiment overwhelm and they win. The only consolation our having so many winners in government is that our incestuous behaviour toward one another has been curbed. The inbreeding has almost ended. To deal with this behaviour we have turned to the wonders of consuming. Blinded by credit cards. Overwhelmed by ka-ching. There is change and there is hope. The bad uncle is not gone but he may have taken a break or run out of gel.

Half stop. Start over.

The real shame of what the US Government is unabashedly doing today is that it cannot change the unthought-through legislative course it set in motion as a reaction to 9/11. It’s behaviour since makes me think of all things incestuous. I know that probably sounds weird if not downright sick. But what the hell. And so. We (American’ts) continue to legislate and govern based on fear, ignorance and paranoia. Like when we were locked in that barn shack waiting for uncle fun to return. We continue on a path of untruth thereby facilitating the slippery slope of an authoritarian state. At least uncle brought along enough gel. And. Has anyone really stood up to take notice of this, to give it a second thought or four? Of course, a nation afraid of uncles is a very good submissive nation. But then again…

Perhaps Bernie Sanders (see vid below) is one of the only people to stand up and speak out. But why are there so few (in uncle government-ville) that speak out against the evil that is screwing us all? At the least, America believes, with a naive and corrupt heart and eyes that cannot see, that the Patriot Act is to protect and serve. Other than a few people (and moi) no one has ever talked about getting rid of this awful, fascist, authoritarian legislation that literally is counter to all that is and should be sacred in the great American experiment. And so, we go about our consume to survive lives and believe we are protected from bad uncles or guys trying to blow up airplanes with über-firecrackers in their underwear. Beyond that. To get away from our bad uncles for the weekend, we assume the position of imbecile travellers submissively bent over in airports that require us to remove shoes, belts and then allowing minimum wage earners from the sub-division of Homeland-Uncle, the TSA, to cop-a-feel. Yea, that’s how bad uncles do it.

Things are so ludicrous right now in America that obviously no one can find the time or will to sift through what is the cause of our demise. And now it’s been revealed that the NSA, the wet-dream of sissy conservatives, chicken-hawk war-mongers and delusion-ists par excellence, has been freely spying on ALL Americans thereby subverting the constitution and the fourth amendment. Indeed. The NSA and the government’s behaviour is very natural in an authoritarian state. So why try to figure it out? We’ve lived this long with a horny uncle getting ready to pass on to the next generation that same old pair of britches everyone wants.

Good luck suckers.


Rant on.


Update (later in the afternoon). Here’s another vid from TYT about this mess: