Oh Well vs Orwell

As the world turns and a once great-country-by-example continues down its self-chosen, self-perpetuating slippery slope of totalitarianism, I lose the ability to shake & shiver. I’ve become numb. Also. It takes a lot for worst-writer to be at a loss of worst-words but this whole NSA surveillance thing has blown the roof off of everything. I honestly don’t know where to turn anymore. Each time I think I’ve gotten a hold of what’s actually going on since The Guardian and Glenn Greenwald broke the story last week, something even weirder happens. And the worst thing about it all is that it’s nothing new.

Below is a vid of a congressman explaining the situation to the America public and all I could think of while he talked was that most people are probably going around saying “Oh Well” to this whole thing. That is exactly what happens when “democracy” is replaced with an authoritarian corporate oligopoly that dictates the terms & conditions of one having to live in a consume to survive society lead by the fiction of war-on-this or war-on-that. But that’s neither here nor there. What I really wanted to say in the worst-post is that this whole ordeal is truly mind-boggling. I don’t think even Hollywood would have scripted this. Yet it’s all so inorganic that something had to create it. But what? Is this scandal a byproduct of American’t dysfunction ad absurdum? Or is this proving that, after so many years of obscene political rigamarole, that this is all Americans can do: try to sustain a system that is so out-of-whack that it’s now impossible to correct anything. Yeah, baby. And Thank Barry Obama for giving the blind leading blind new hope.



Rant on.