No Real Men

George Carlin: “How come when it’s us it’s an abortion, when it’s a chicken it’s an omelette?”

Two questions. Why is Amerika obsessed with abortion? And. Where are the men? I mean, where are the men that are the true cause of abortions? I have yet to hear a man and his intentions being questioned about this issue. Why is that? I reckon, as it’s aways been, it’s easy for a man to pull out of the situation and thereby burden someone else with everything. Or does this legislative process, hidden behind a vale of false morality, have something to do with men wanting to protect other men from having to face up to what they’ve all done. Stopping a woman from making her own choices is all that’s left for a society that can’t deal with equality, emancipation, feminism, civil rights, sexuality, etc. At the least, as the train-wreck that is 21st century American’t goes about its greed-mongering and empire building, the abortion issue is certainly a great diversion. But what happened in TX recently is pretty astonishing. In fact, this gives worst-writer hope that there might be a chance for American’t in the future. The filibuster pulled off by Senator Wendy Davis kept me reading tweets and news all day. Indeed. Yesterday was a  big day in American’t. TX proved that if enough effort is put into it, there is a bulwark that can counter and perhaps finally rid the country of the sickness and cancer that is today’s iteration of fail-upwards conservatism. And don’t miss the irony that Gov. Rick Perry, who wants to ban all abortion, is his own best murderer having executed 500 people in Texas.

Down with conservatism.

Don’t Mess With Texas.



Rant on.