Fly Swatting

Great example of what’s wrong and how things can’t be fixed. Is vid (below) a meeting of the giants? Not necessarily individual giants but giants of idears, giants of philosophy, American philosophy. Let me explain. There are a few types of Americans. Here we’ll deal with two. One is the industrious American. This is the one out to make a buck. That’s all he or she will do. No matter what a buck will be made, all else be damned. Got that? The other is the one that believes in the stars & stripes, banners of glory, lives for wearing the vale of pride in a country where making a living is a residual effect of serving that country. These two types of people, indeed, these two worlds are in great conflict at the moment. Reason? Well, it’s been a long time in the making, but the part of America that serves has finally overwhelmed the part of American that is/used to be industrious. Perpetual war will do that to a country and its people. Voodoo economics will also do it. The thing is, will America ever be able to recover from this mess? Answer: Oh well.

Ever remember being a kid and getting in trouble and thinking: but what I did wasn’t so bad because I know someone else that did something worse? And when you try to tattle tale on someone because what they did was worse it doesn’t matter because you are the one on trial. And then there were the times when I got in trouble and I knew it was because someone was a tattle-tale. Scoldings, whippings, slaps and beatings, punishment galore and time-outs and suspensions and being sent to my room for weeks on end. It really is torture growing up in a world that says you’re free but the reality is you’re only as free as someone else allows you to be. And so I must ask: does the guy being scolded (he is not one that serves but is instead industrious) in this video deserve it? Of course he does. I mean, the congresswoman really lays into him. You can almost see her eyes starting to swell with self-appointed rage. The guy she is scolding is gaming a system (gaming the system is part of industrious America) because of a sprained ankle he got while playing sports at school. Comparatively, the congresswoman lost her legs while at war serving her country. I’d say (sarcasm) the scales of justice are balanced.

Of course the Congresswoman is right in scolding the peon that gamed the system. Still. Worst-writer can’t help but think there’s something else going on. It’s like swatting a fly and forgetting about the pile of shit not far away that gives us all those flies. Will the congresswoman ever do anything about that? I mean, will her pride in serving the country ever scold the banks, the government contractors, the war machine that is also gaming the system? Ah. Now we’re getting somewhere. The big gamers are different, right? The servers no longer serve the idear of America they serve the big gamers. No hypocrisy here, eh? No rigging the scales of justice. Send them all to their room.

Note on video. Several attempts to embed this video have failed. If vid doesn’t play then search for: “tammy duckworth shames irs contractor trying to game the system”. It’s worth viewing.

Here’s Tammy Duckworth’s wiki page.

Rant on.