Tea Abortion and George Carlin

In the wake of recent Texas politics and American moral dysfunction that has ruined the “dream”, worst-writer is both amused and über-amused. Since Americans enjoy living in a world of fear, on account conservatives can’t accept the failure they have sewn and the fact that American Exceptionalism has run its course, it’s only natural that those who have spent their lives lying to themselves can’t quit. After more than a decade of devastating the world with our power because we can’t face our inner demons, you’d think that someone would step up and take a stance against behaviour run amok. For a moment after Barry Obama was elected, I thought he might do it. But with his election certain floodgates were opened and his moment quickly passed. If you thought things couldn’t get any worse in the American experiment, hold the presses. One of the first politicians on the national stage I remember embracing the Tea Party was Dubya-after-birth Rick Perry. A politician obsessed with false morality, bred by archaic demons and a worshipper of praying to what might just as well be a tea-pot in the sky that Alamo ghost warriors are trying to hit with cockeyed six shooters. Now don’t get me wrong. Texas, without doubt, is an exceptional part of the republic — especially when compared to Rhode Island. Which brings me to stupid.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, enter the Tea Party. For a short while there worst-writer thought that these guys might be on to something. But then the stirred waters calmed and the truth was revealed. The Tea Party wasn’t the phoenix rising from the ashes, it was a bunch of teeth-less rednecks that never figured out why they voted republican in the first place and thereby thought the ashes could still burn a bit more. Hence the result of millions of greedy little minds emboldened by the likes of Limbaugh, Faux Newz & Co. Which brings me to a little worst-history lesson that might explain things but probably won’t connect the dots.

The events that lead to the Boston Tea Party were about a multi-national corporation in cohorts with government that was trying to monopolise an industry and thereby infringe on the freedom and livelihood of colonists.

For these pseudo-Europeans, whose ancestors would eventually become Americans, the Boston Tea Party was considered to be the last straw regarding government and corporate over-reach. Colonists rebelled and threw the tea of the East India Company into the Boston Harbour. Now. If republicans and conservatives want to use the Boston Tea Party as a symbol for a political cause, then they logically should be against a government that is in cohorts with big business. Which also means they should be against all things conservative! This is why tea-partiers, conservatives, republicans are so easy to make fun of.

For those willing to go out on a limb with worst-writer, let me stretch and bend and misconnect some dots. Starting, of course, with Texas exceptionalism. And since I already explained one piece of history misinterpreted, I shan’t do it again regarding Texas and its Alamo. Moving on. Obviously all these years of American political conservatism has taken a toll. Worst-writer cannot know how long it will take for America to recover from this repeat of Government in cohorts with big business. The time between The Boston Tea Party (1773), the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), to the ratification of the Constitution (1788) was long and arduous, indeed. How long it took after all that for America to become what it is today, I’ll leave that to those who are better informed. But my worst-guess is it took until about 1950 for America to reap the benefits of rebellion. And how short lived it’s all been. There seems to be only one thing worth considering in these extreme days of nevermore that can’t see through political wrong turns. What rational thinking people are up against is the idear of what side you are on. Are you, as a participant in hell-games, on the side of the unborn or are you on the side of the dead? Remember, everything in-between is a commodity which must be afforded! And so it’s only natural, since conservatism has not only failed but bears zero remorse for its failure, a country run by nut-bags will never give up in the cause to let it all go to ash. And so no one stands up to being governed by false morality, religious über-zeal and the power of faith and belief in something unattainable. Including tea-pots in the sky. What an easy route, eh. And you really believe that the Alamo was about Texas?

Oh. What’s this all about? News, news and George Carlin.

Nomatter. There are a few sparks of hope and those sparks may or may not connect any dots. So I shouldn’t have brought up the connect the dots in the first place. Yet. The other day when a female state senator from Texas stood up to filibuster the only type of law making left to conservatives, other than laws that help big government and big companies, I was über-impressed. And I was also hoping that this particular senator could start a reverse Alamo which could then lead to a reverse Boston Tea Party. Wishful think, eh? Even though the euphoria was short-lived of what this Texas senator had done, for a moment worst-writer felt some pride for humanity and for the country I miss so much. If Americans no longer have the balls to stand up for what made it once great, but instead prefer misinterpreting revolutions and thereby enabling government by false-gods, then it deserves what it sews. Besides. George Carlin got all this stuff right not to long ago. Still missing him.

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