Miss Protest

The first protest I ever experienced in Eurowasteland goes back to circa 1986. Was visiting Germanian and happened across a demonstration. Not sure what they were demonstrating against but it really doesn't matter. After that I found myself seeking out these protests more and more. Reason? What a great way to pick up armpit hairy … Continue reading Miss Protest

Trickle Fail Up

Is it fail upwards or is it trickle upwards? You know, the question that best represents where we are today in this dog eat ice cream but enjoy yourself anyway world? Wait. Or. Should the question be another question? Perhaps we should resort, dear worst-reader, to questions better fit for the norm? That is, let's … Continue reading Trickle Fail Up

Motown Blues

Joke: What does Greece have in common with Detroit? (Short pause. Think.) Well, that's about all the joke I can remember. But then again, if you think about it, there really is something to laugh at when it comes to comparing Greece with Detroit. And be assured, these two should be compared. First, they're both … Continue reading Motown Blues

Alone With Company

One of Samuel Beckett's last published works. "Company" is a fable. I always thought a fable has animals in it. In this fable there's only "M" and "Hearer". Oh, there's a "W" in there somewhere, too. If that sounds a bit ambiguous, then go with what you're hearing. Ambiguity and loneliness is really all that's … Continue reading Alone With Company

Anglo vs Germanin

Note 1: Post is incomplete, not very cohesive and w/out narrative. It's worst than normal-worst. You've been warned. Good luck. New & Improved Clans I've been obsessing for a few years over of the idear that there's a growing, alive & kicking chasm in the western world. This chasm is, in part, due to Das Volk's … Continue reading Anglo vs Germanin

Alternate History

Burr by Gore Vidal From the afterword: "Why a historical novel and not a history? To me, the attraction of the historical novel is that one can be as meticulous (or as careless!) as the historian and yet reserve the right not only to rearrange events but, most important, to attribute motive--something the conscientious historian … Continue reading Alternate History

Meta Data

Link to Zeit Online article containing interactive map that shows how a person with a smart phone can be traced. Way cool. When viewing the map above it almost seems like it could be part of a James Bond movie where "M" is tracking Bond and figuring out which beer hall he's flirting in. I'm not … Continue reading Meta Data