Pentagon Papers vs Corporate Culture

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Why is everybody jumping over-board regarding the rogue adventures of an obviously angry, confused and perhaps a bit spoiled twenty-nine year old? I mean, didn’t Edward Snowden have a great job? Heck, I worked for Booz Allen Hamilton once, something like 20 years ago. Worked for them for about three years. And I can easily say this about that company: what a corporate nightmare that place was. But then again, they did pay well and no one cares about how Tommi made a living before bagging it all and going the route of semi-retirement and worst-writing comfort (thank you very much).

Recent comparisons in the newz between Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg is starting to bug me. The Pentagon Papers actually revealed how clueless America is about Empire. Obviously those papers changed nothing. The way America plunged into Iraq should go down in history as the best example yet of a country drunk on the Kool-Aid — Pentagon Papers be damned. I mean, Americans are still voting for these conservative nut-bags who love war, abortion, impeachment, etc., in both national and state elections and a shit-load of shit-kickers even believe the krapp spewed by The Tea Party and Libertarians. And let’s not even start with the luvfest for the Constitution. The fact is the shit has long since hit the fan. But what’s with the comparisons between Ellsberg and Snowden?

It’s time to look a bit deeper, dear worst-reader, into the rotten barrel where everybody is trying and hoping to scrape their way to the top and thereby failing to see how truly empty everything is. Enter a new generation of Americans reared on political and economic fail-upward-ness. I mean, let’s put things in perspective, shall we? Snowden (and Manning) are Boomer children. A new generation is now living in the nightmare that the Baby-Boomers all thought would be the (American) dream. What is clear so far in this era of the great American experiment is that it will be impossible for any new generation to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Yet they all try. Indeed, they are all trying really, really hard.

Give yourself a quick read on Snowden, dear worst-reader. Plenty of links below and in these Interwebnets. And then give this a thought: Edward Snowden is not only a child of Boomers but he is also a person that will never really graduate to adulthood. Yet by twenty-nine Snowden was earning, so the story goes, something like $200k a year. Men of Ellsberg’s generation were full grown adults by the time they graduated high school and I wonder if Ellsberg, even when he was working at RAND, including inflation, came even close to what Snowden earned. Which makes me ask: was Snowden really earning that? If he wasn’t earning that or if he was so unhappy making that kind of a living, why didn’t he do what Ellsberg did as a whistleblower (see vid below)? I guess the answer lies in the fact that since Ellsberg’s day voodoo economics, pharmaceuticals, political conservatism have all contributed to rearing a generation that will forever remain pubescent. Oh, and let’s not forget we’re probably also dealing with a generation of fraidy-cats. Add to that the corporate culture that Snowden chose to work in that does nothing but maintain a perverse sense of the status quo, exemplifies corporate dysfunction and forces individuals to give up their individuality in order to be part of the hoarding herd. Indeed. Edward Snowden should be compared to something.

That said, should the likes of Snowden or Manning bear the burden and the glory of whistleblowing? Compared to Ellsberg, I’m not sure. Compared to the rest us? Sure, why not. But there is something that should not be forgotten: what Snowden has revealed is nothing new. This spying stuff has been going on since American’ts have failed to recognise the demons that have given us legislative krapp like the Patriot Act. And since America is all about under-achievement and meritlessness now that it is so clear that the Baby-Boomers have failed miserably and turned the whole shebang into AmeriCAN’T, we shovel on and keep trying really, really hard to get some scraps from that empty barrel that is the true nightmare left behind. Yeah, baby. Fail upward and wait and see what you do when some corporation offers you $200k/year to work in the only industry America has left to get a decent job.


Vid to watch here.

Rant on.