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detroit vs greece

Joke: What does Greece have in common with Detroit? (Short pause. Think.) Well, that’s about all the joke I can remember. But then again, if you think about it, there really is something to laugh at when it comes to comparing Greece with Detroit. And be assured, these two should be compared. First, they’re both bankrupt. Second, believe it or not, Detroit, a dying city, still has an economy larger than Greece. And therein lies the missed punchline. But it’s too late for the joke now. Nomatter. The best laugh comes when Mr. Prez, vid below, throws-down about not letting Detroit go bankrupt. Remember those days? Of course those of us who think rationally know that there’s really very little that Prez can do to save what has already been done to Detroit and the rest of the American’t centralised economy that is now safely in the hands of greed mongers and hoarders. So at this point there’s really nothing left to be said about losing (y)our industrial base except, maybe, good luck suckers… or… just get rid of all the conservatives and replace them with something not conservative. (Now that’s a load to think about.)

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