Crescent Change

Ever watch a crescent moon change? Sometimes you can actually watch the crescent change until daylight gets in the way. All you have to do is put down that drink or joint for about 2 hours and remain there on your back while the bugs crawl from the grass onto your neck and behind you ear lobs. Eventually the shadow of the celestial body will change. It’s slow but it’s cool. The thing I recall witnessing while doing this several times in this worthless, useless, worst-life, is that I always see the shadow on the moon decreasing. I can’t remember ever watching it increase. Or do I have that backwards on account of being on the earth’s northern hemisphere? Nomatter. My point is…

TYT and Cenk Uygur are at it again. Not unlike the futility of wishing for a change in lunar phases, Cenk is barking up a tree in search of leafs at the end of fall. Wait. I should stick with my previous failed metaphor of crescent moon shadows, eh? Nomatter. Once again TYT explains to his audience the joys of American’t corrupt politics. I reckon what he says is informative, if you’re twenty-something and wondering why things are so shitty and your life is gearing up for the luxury of debtor’s prison. And that’s all fine and good. But what irks me about Cenk is how he always fails to provide his listeners a solution. Hence he’s becoming more and more just another media talking-head. But have no fear, dear worst-reader. Since Cenk can’t provide you solutions, I reckon I will. So here it goes…

Just kidding. The solution is quite complex and I don’t feel like writing a bullshit manifesto here. But to keep things short, the reason American’t is so fucked up these days, is because of Americans. That’s it. As Americans we’ve voted our emotions for the last half-century, we’ve suspended all critical thinking and we’ve blissfully subjected ourselves to the god of $$$. So there’s your solution. Or maybe not. Now go buy something and all will be well.

NYT article.

Rant on.