Get The ?uck Out Of The Way

Ballmer bwEverything will not be ok, dear worst-reader. But that doesn’t matter. In the immediate short term, the thinkers among us can rejoice that for at least a few seconds the world might be(come) a place lacking in corporate American’t dysfunction as Steve Ballmer decides to… finally get the *uck out of the way. You know, it would also be a great thing if all the baby-boomers would also get the #uck out of the way. That would mean, finally, the problems that are plaguing everything, the cause of life-ills in general these days, could be addressed. But then again. Maybe not. But there always is wishful thinking, eh. And. Remember. The west is now a place where perpetual infantilism is our newest disease that will graciously and profitably be addressed with pharmaceuticals and whatever other addictions we can attain. But seriously. Since boomers only procreated and never really raised their grapefruit children, there’s not much available to take the reigns but a bunch whacked-out perpetual adolescents. Oh well. Again. At least for a few seconds as Ballmer FINALLY gets the fuck out of the way and takes his billions with him we can rejoice. Now if only Larry Ellison would do the same. Say, who else should be on the get the ?uck out of the way list? Steve Jobs? Oh, he’s already gone. Nomatter.



Rant on.