Hammer Nail

The drums of war beating again? Or maybe they’ve never stopped. Or. Maybe it was never meant to be any other way than to live by the murderous sword of death for hegemony. Who knows. Wait. Maybe there are those who do know.

“If every problem you have is a hammer than everything has to look like a nail.” -Wesley Clark

Unless, of course, you’re worst-writer. Then all you have to do is go about life as though nothing ever really happens because it’s all been planned. What a luxury, eh? I mean, I could spend the rest of my days galavanting around Eurowasteland or North Africa or Mars and never once reach a moment of zen or the like. All there  really is is a worst-word written or correct-word missed and those who run the show on account we’ve let them do it. And so. Why should I or anyone wrack a brain cell or three around all this war mongering? Between the 50th anniversary of MLK’s speech and mediocre Barry Obama doing his thing of trying to represent those who elected him, well, there’s not much to be said about it all on account it’s been planned. Wait. Did I say that already? Nomatter. Which means it’s time to order another sassafras tea and some pistachio ice cream and go about the business of being stupid or hunting moose in Arizona.

Rant on.