Krapp vs Krapp

Eleuthéria by Samuel Beckett All-time favourite word? "Krapp". worstwriterdotcom is, fittingly, full of the word 'krapp'. Oh, how I wish I could get credit for coining such a word. But all for naught. So much for worst-writer's attempt at replacing the word absurd with it. I mean, what sounds better, dear worst-reader, "everything is absurd" … Continue reading Krapp vs Krapp

Fresh Ammunition

Some thoughts motivated after reading an article about the mechanics of nature and how certain stuff about nature just don't seem right. Or does it seem right? Nomatter. Don't know what it is. Is it my face? The way I walk? The boring way I dress? There has to be a reason why, when walking … Continue reading Fresh Ammunition

Awash In Projection

As I've waddled down the creek of trying-to-say, failing to say before, one of the main reason I'm skeptical regarding the significance of Edward Snowden and his data dump--which we all have to wait to see based on advertising revenues of those who posses the data--is that I'm not sure what exactly motivated him to … Continue reading Awash In Projection

Whose Doctrine

Ok. First. I probably shouldn't post something where my worst-writing is shorter than links. But in this case… Nomatter. The scariest thing about what the west is doing right now, beyond all the murder, mayhem, lying and lust for control of you-know-what, is how long it will take to finally move on. That is, when will … Continue reading Whose Doctrine

Murky Century

A Century of War by William Engdahl Lost in conspiracy theory? As worst-writer I admit to delving in conspiracy theory in my life. I think it all started with some kid folding a dollar bill and thereby revealing a mushroom cloud which was supposed to represent America's dominance in the world because it was capable of … Continue reading Murky Century