Whose Doctrine

Scream no fear all worst

Ok. First. I probably shouldn’t post something where my worst-writing is shorter than links. But in this case… Nomatter.

The scariest thing about what the west is doing right now, beyond all the murder, mayhem, lying and lust for control of you-know-what, is how long it will take to finally move on. That is, when will the gears be shifted? (Let alone the question of once they are shifted where are they shifted to?) I mean, with what’s going on in Syria right now, which, I have read, is a proxy war between the United Mistakes and… pick your foe, etc., there is one impending question that I cannot answer. So I googled it in google news. Lo n’ behold. I was delivered only one recent article from a blog post at Huffington. Indeed. Everything I’m reading about this situation is tragic. But something looms. For example. What is the cause of it all? And. Just like the by-product of the Patriot Act (rampant unconstitutional spying), no one is talking about the ramifications of the Bush Doctrine. Of course, as you can see through the winded and über-boring congressional session below, everyone has to somehow save face–for what they are all complicit for having done (even if they claim to have voted against the Iraq war). Still. Why am I so surprised that there’s no mention about what Dubya has gotten us all into and what Barry can’t get us out of? Speaking of Barry. Should he be given credit for turning the Syria situation over to congress? Damn. Perpetual war is so real. My only remaining question is, which part of Oceania Province of Airstrip One are we?



Rant on.