Exceptional Mediocrity


Barry O is trying. You have to give him that. Vladimir Putin is trying, too. I guess. But there’s something else about these two men. It’s as though they’re already bored with a history that will, in the most important ways, pass them by because of über-under-achievement. Thank goodness that rational human beings know that in these days of centralised governments, embodied by these two men, opting to control worldly resources at the cost of humanity, are nothing more than figures of mediocrity run amok. One does nothing because he’s probably afraid to do anything. The other is just hanging around because his country is destined to be ruled by a two-bit dictator. Pick your own.

Now don’t get me wrong. As far as Barry O is concerned, I’d take his level of mediocrity any day compared to the dipshit before him that, it seems, sealed America’s dumb-down fate. (Hence my old saying: Bet you wished you voted Hillary now, eh!) And when Barry gets started waving that fist with half a finger pointing no place, I love to listen to him. Also, I think, he’s a president that is kinda smart and not trying to play stupid for a stupid voting constituency that ultimately deserves no better. Barry talks from the heart and is believable and his political faux-paws have been few and far between–I mean, it really does look like he’s well on his way to having a fairly scandal-free presidency. But we’ll find that out soon enough.

Enter the other side of the mediocrity coin. This level of do-nothingness is exemplified in a recent article, self penned, in the New York Times. Wow. While reading Putin’s “plea”, just after Barry O’s television plea, I didn’t think once about Syria but instead about Russian journalism. Or has everyone forgotten how many journalists have been murdered in Russia since this under-achiever took over. But I supposed we have to give mediocre credit where it’s due, eh. Not only is Putin a sexy, topless man on a horse or by a river fishing, etc., etc., but he’s also a journalist spewing opinions on the world stage about other countries (mis)behaviour–opinions that ultimately say nothing other than covering up the murder of real journalists in Russia.

And so. Let us all give credit to Putin for one thing in breaking up the world’s recent mediocre events. His journalistic endeavour might just be a one-up on Barry’s mediocre statesmanship. Indeed, dear worst-reader, mediocrity has just been taken to new heights. And Putin is doing so by finally calling out, on the international stage, America for what truly ails it: the fact that no one can come to terms with our own digression into being exceptionally mediocre.



Rant on.