Shooter And The Sweet Doctor

Probably one of the best ad libitum responses yet to American’ts lust for blood, guts, repression-glory and forgetting about seeds sewn and moving on to the next mall purchase. Trauma centre head doctor, Dr. Janis Orlowski, did a great job responding to this dire situation (see also vid and links below). Yet worst-writer can’t help but see through the glaze of this persons attempt at speaking to the dumb-down. And so. Instead. Let’s get into the corporate bullshit that has once again spewed out and rejected yet another mother’s lost son? Not to compare apples with oranges, but, as soon as I started to read about the latest shooting in what is practically my home town, the fact that this guy was a subcontractor made me think not of his violence but of what corporate American’t culture is churning out day by day. And wasn’t Edward Snowden also a corporate subcontractor? I know, a terrible comparison. Or is it? I mean, both these guys have government clearance. Nomatter. What is known about this most recent shooter is that he was not only a subcontractor but he was a subcontractor to a subcontractor. And we all know what the word “subcontractor” really means, don’t we? It means: work more for less and follow those that think they are ahead of you because of where and when they took their seat, fall in line, pay your dues, know your place, reject real ambition, suspend any lust for life… be VERY THANKFUL you even have a job sucker, etc., etc.. Or something like that. Moving on.

In the interview below, trauma doc Orlowski gives a fairly honest and strained albeit naive response to all the death she’s trying to stop. Yet she clearly seems to be on the edge. The edge of what I’m not sure. That is, she fights back tears in one interview and at the same time tries to provide a nation that has long since been numbed by what it has become with a sense of how to deal with it all. She says, we all need to work on this together. But worst-writer, dear worst-reader, who left the very city she is speaking from, who is beyond familiar with the streets of the navy yard or the Capital building or most houses of ill repute, can only chuckle at what is being transmitted to the land of the blind and no-ears. No one will ever listen to what this sweet doctor has to say because everyone is burdened with consume to survive, to not fall down the rabbit hole of living one pay check to the next, waddling in debt as though it were the same fat surrounding either our minds or our waists. And to think that I’ll be on a plane home soon. I am also wondering if upon debarkation among Das Volk that has created such a diabolical place will it (life) end with a gunshot to my mind while I walk around the streets of the place I love and miss so much? Who knows. But maybe I should try to write a play about all this first. I’ve already found a title.



Rant on.