Thanks Full Four

Two things to be thankful for this time of year as (we) American’ts celebrate the fairytale holidays known as Thanksgiving which, btw, is the doorway to the next fictional fairytale known as… consumer-to-survive frenzy winter solstice. First. The information that tells the truth about Thanksgiving and Xmas is readily available on these Interwebnets and the google. You know, stuff like natives and starving Europeans not really (really) eating together or how Coca Cola is the real brains behind Xmas (and its profits), etc. Beyond that, I highly suggest you look it up, dear worstReader, or checkout some of the links below. Second. During and after binge eating turkey and gravy, for some odd reason, I kept thinking about The Wizard Of Oz. Not the movie but the book, which I haven’t read for quite some time. And here is the catcher about that book, too much turkey and how so many Americans are thankful for stuff that ultimately means nothing. That said… I guess I’d better move on quickly.

What were Baum’s true aspirations with his wondrous story? Indeed, Oz is a very original story but who thinks of it as a political one? Also, the Wizard Of Oz is so at odds with certain American ideals, especially since, as it seems, it was intended as an American alternative for children above and beyond the grim of Grimm Fairytales. But then again, I suppose it is just-as-well to comfortably assume that Baum wrote what he wrote in order to think little of the stories of children being kidnapped, hands being chopped off or the cruel imaginary of gingerbread persons terrorising the neighborhood. But to come up with scarecrows, tin men and talking kings of the jungle? Indeed. Baum’s story is full of political symbolism–and ultimately the stuff that is worth being thankful for but rarely is. In fact, Oz is so full of political symbolism worstWriter was overwhelmed with it while picking a wishbone from his/my teeth. As I don’t want to turn this into an overwhelming useless-eating rant, I’ll just get to the worstPoint of what I mean and what got me thinking while stuffing my face.

Worst-thoughts on Frank L. Baum’s Wizard Of Oz while eating too much:

-The scarecrow symbolises the American farmer who is not without a brain but has been robbed of his individual freedoms in the name of the collective that obviously needs to eat.
-The tin man symbolises the American factory worker, so beaten and hurt that everything except his heart is replaced with metal so that he can continue working.
-The lion symbolises the American who thinks he knows what’s right but always loses the courage to actually do what’s right.

I reckon I’ll have to leave it at that for now as I don’t want to get into the whole witch, Dorothy, toto and Twister symbolism. Nuff worst-said.

Wiki The Wizard Of Oz.
Thankful for WalMart… Yeah, right.
A cartoon a day…

Rant on.