Thing To Watch

A video that every American’t should watch? Watch, that is, like TV is watched? Or watched (that is) to figure out what’s wrong with the whole shebang and then, possibly, figure out what to do in the mess that is democracy and thereafter have a basis for making a decision on whether or not to participate in… the shebang.


On the other hand, why is it that worstWriter kinda giggles everytime he hears about what ails the state of Michigan–the place that practically gave birth to the nightmare that today is the (American) dream? I mean, I laughed when Michigan went tea-party. When was that? Was it the 2010 elections? Not that it matters. The thing that really makes me laugh/giggle is how the place is the best example yet of what many should be worried about. I mean, for those who have made their way through the musical-chair game that is a “career” and for those who are even bold enough to think that they are in some kind of a “middle-class”, they/YOU should watch this in order to start planning for what you will eventually have to face up to.

Good luck. And…

Rant on.