Papa Bear Tech Hug

First post in 2014. Happy worst-new-year! Now. On to the more important worst-stuff.

Don’t you just wanna hug this guy! For worstWriter, Kim Dotcom, aka Kim Schmitz from Kiel, is a rare case of self-aggrandisement that is A-OK. I really luv this guy. Reason? No matter what he does, no matter what drives him, he always seems real and authentic. At least to me he seems real. Real as in, you know, you really do see what you get. I guess it’s the German in him. And believe me, under the right circustance, you couldn’t help but sit down and have a cold one with this guy. So what if he stands in front of a yacht on the shoreline and dances around. Or he circles his Mercedes while carrying a high powered rifle. Big deal. He’s just a geek and I’ll bet he’s a damn friendly one. So let’s all try and get together and have a Bier und Bratwurst with Kim. Hugs everywhere. Obviously he’s gotta lot to hug. Wouldn’t that be cool!

But that’s not what I wanted to blog about today, dear worst-reader. This tech geek from Kiel made it on to 60 Minutes. That’s a pretty big deal. Even if the TV news hour is trying to make Kim look like a bad guy, hats off to Dotcom once again. This guy rocks. Although if you watch the vid you might get the feeling that after being raided at the behest of the greed mongering film industry, that was able to purchase some extravagent over-reach by hiring national police entities, as though government has never been at the beck-n-call of profiteers (just look at the US military fighting for oil company profits), that a bit of humility and fear might just tame a once wild soul. Golly, I hope not.

Rejectd by his home country, Germany (and they will never realize what they’ve lost), Kim Dotcom is out there doing stuff. And he’s deserves credit for it. Sure, it might be better if he did stuff that didn’t evolve around file sharing, but since he can’t seem to let that go,  why not let him run with it. Wait. What am I saying? As though it would even matter if worstWriter said anything about file sharing or Kim Dotcom. But here’s the thing. Kim Dotcom is worth admiring because, unlike other file sharing technology, he was and is blatant about trying to make a buck on it. Which makes sense and you would think that the movie industry would/could try to learn from him about how to actually get their digital world in order instead of maintaining the status quo where renting videos or copying vinyl onto cassette tapes is as advanced as things should get.

Oh well. Why do the authorities and greed mongers try and squash Kim? This reminds me so much of those days when Microsoft bitched & moaned about how its first few versions of Windows were pirated like there was no tomorrow. And yet without all that piracy Windows would have never made it on half the computers being used in basements all across American’t. Which means the reality is Microsoft actually gained from piracy and it didn’t lose. Which also means, well, we’re not really dealing with piracy, per se. And it’s especially not stealing–as the police entities for hire at the behest of movie moguls would like people to think. Again. Sharing is not stealing. Duplicating something is not stealing. And. According to this article, in 2013 Hollywood raked-in over $10b for its mostly mindless, two-hour take-me-away cinemotography. Of those billions in revenues, they (the powers that be) also claim that $500m was lost to illegal downloads. What a crock of shit, eh.

2014-01-09 14.16.15

The real thing is, the $500m Hollywood claims to have lost to the likes of Kim Dotcom or Pirate Bay, etc., is fiction. It’s a lie. The people that duplicate and share digital media are being wrongly targeted and all because the fuddy-duddies and greed mongers of the status quo are incapable of actually learning from people like Kim Dotcom. You can’t lose $500m to people who wouldn’t have paid for the krapp in the first place.

Rant on.