Taxation Equals Everybody

Subtitle: Taxation Makes Everybody Equal. Yeah, right!

Sub-Subtitle: No Seriously. Germans can do nothing else with their success but tax. Result is blotted pseudo socialist anti-market-driven economy but the wurst is great.

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DW Hoeness

Euronews on Eurowasteland tax evasion

Couldn’t help but dabble in the Hoeness affair while recently visiting my grand United Mistakes in an effort to help family deal w/ Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s, btw, literally turns a human into a zombie. But as I read about Hoeness I couldn’t help but try to worst-think about how Germany’s obsession with controlling its Automatons must be very similar to what worst-scientists are now labeling Collective National State Zombie Disease. It’s not so much that Germany forgets things or wants to eat brain, it’s more the idear that Germany is a zombie country like so many others where people are incapable of realising they are swimming in shit. But at least they get to lavish in the freak-show that jails someone.

Worst-writer loves the Hoeness affair. He also loved the affair the Germans had with Steffi Graf’s father where I footnoted this in another post:

“Steffi Graf and her father were literally ambushed by German tax authorities. It was such an embarrassing circus on the daily news that I felt bad for Steffi. No one, I mean no one, deserved the treatment in either the press or by civil servants that she and her family received. I hope she can afford to live the rest of her life away from these sick German civil servants who by-and-large run this country. Fuck them all. Schumi (and Steffi), on the other hand, was smart enough to move away in the nick-of-time. If only I could be so lucky!”

But let me get to the/my gist of what really pisses me off about how Germans react to tax evasion. This country can do nothing but mass produce products for the über-rich and tax those who build the products. In other words, in all my years of living and failing here, Das Volk like taxation. There’s no other way to put it. Otherwise, if they didn’t like it, they would utilise their (sarcasm on) über-functioning democracy (sarcasm off) to do something about it. Right?

Let me try another way to my worst-point.

I had to go through hell to get a driver’s license in this shithole because of the bureaucracy and the bureaucrats whose only purpose is to get money from the government so they can pay taxes to that government–and thereby fuck with people like me (who they don’t want here in the first place). In fact, I was told by a NRW figure of authority that worked for the national system that controlled German driver’s licenses that I shouldn’t have come to Germany with an American license but instead with an African license. He then proceeded to inform me that if America would (finally) recognise German driver’s licenses then Germany would reciprocate. I then proceeded to tell him that that’s all fine and dandy but, if given the choice, no one choses to come to Germany if they can go to America (me being the best idiot example of having made that error). And so… If you take away the real controllers of modern-day Germania (the ones that own all the capital that enables this country to produce so much expensive shit for mass consumption by rich people around the world) all that’s left are the minions that follow each other like lemmings. And it is exactly those bureaucrats (minions) that SHAT on me regarding an idiotic driver’s license (in a country that drives cars with its brakes). The people that I had to deal with to acquire the privilege to drive in this shithole are just like the people that capture the criminals that evade taxes. The whole Hoeness show is nothing more than a reminder to minions that bureaucracy is in control. What a freak-show, eh.

And so, the German lie continues. The minions actually go to their pubs and talk about how many millions Hoeness was hiding. But none of them realise the shit they are swimming in.


Rant on.