Newz #002

A: But sirrah, I say to you, I’m not intolerant.
B: You are, you just don’t know it.
A: Therefore, this feeling I have, this inner burning sensation, means that I hate everybody?
Short pause.
A: But sirrah, that can’t be.
B: Oh it can–just as you were born.
Short pause.
B: And now I must move on–for the ship is sinking.

Say, doesn’t pic of Nevada look like a Guillotine? Just askin’?

Oh, the DNA runs deep in American’t. But what is even more obvious are the faces of these really, really, really stupid white men. Between Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling all I see are the faces that raised me–including the female. I’m not just talking about my parents but about the environment chosen for me that I was forced to grow-up in and never looked back when I left it. Ah, the grand ol’ saying: You can’t choose your parents. Indeed. But you can choose the environment to leave.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Newz #001


Heard today that blogging was dying. Can that be? worst-Writer’s compulsion to write has been waning, that’s for sure. But does that mean there’s no more room for worst-Writing? Maybe they should just change the name. Indeed. Just change it from blogging to WORSTWRITING. It’s a lot better than trying to explain to young dunces where the word blog actually comes from. No matter.

This is beginning of new category here at worstWriter.

Links of the day.

Good luck. And. Rant on.

Woman Scorn Beware


In the movie Iron Man 2 Tony Stark finds in the diorama of his father’s design for the World Expo a formula for creating a new element that will save his life. While analysing the formula through a 3-D generated image, Stark is able to reduce the design to its essence. I say this, worst-Reader, because I want you to apply the same scrutiny, that is, remove all the unnecessary elements in analysing the film Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen and…

Wait. Stop the presses.

Gonna cut this post short on account I just came across a spoiler. I mean, I’ve literally come across my own spoiler. While doing a quick Wiki search of the film, in the “critical response” section of the wiki article the same claim I wanted to make is made. After watching the movie last night, seeing Cate Blanchett sitting on that park bench with her hair freshly unfinished and undried from a shower a few moments prior, it hit me. This film is not only a great tribute to Woody’s ability to write but it’s also a tribute to spastic females that can’t seperate their emotions and feelings from reality.

Pretty harsh, I’d say.

Oh well. Rant on.

Hedonic Regression

Worst-word of the day, dear worst-reader. Hedonic regression. If I worst-understand it correctly, this is how the powers-that-be prevent a failed economy from actually collapsing–or at least preventing that economy from resorting to wheel-barrels full of cash to buy what used to be an already overpriced cup of coffee from a store that mimics hamburger franchising from the 1950s. That’s right, dear worst-Reader. We’re in spiraling inflationary times right now. And although hedonic regression is actually used to help determine the price of something, I’m wondering if it can also be used to hide the price of something. And while I’m thinking about spiraling lies of the mind…

Why is it that travel still sucks? I travel quite a bit. What shocks me about travel is that even after doing it for the past quarter century, nothing has changed about it. Seriously. Nothing has changed! Ok. Sure. There are these things. No smoking. (Sure took ’em long enough to get that thru, eh.) You get a shitty screen to watch shitty movies (but it’s all dertmined by the seat in front of you and whether or not comrade-in-flight thinks he’s in a recliner.) But I will give airlines and travel industry this: The one thing that has changed is that 25 years ago the stewards were all young. Now they’re old hags. Big fucking deal! A quarter century and that’s all we get? Seriously! NOTHING has changed about air travel in my life time.

Back to big herculean sounding words that force the moronic voters to avoid reality. The real catcher about the word Hedonic is that by itself it’s a pretty cool adjective. Just keep it away from it’s noun cousin.

Rant on.


End Finally Near

Unfortunately the end is hardly near. But it should be. The main worst-question to contemplate today is thus: how much will GM pay in fines to the government after the faulty ignition scandal is over? The logical answer to that question is: will the paid fines actually have anything to do with the crime or, like wall-street, is it just bribe and/or extortion money? (Sorry to answer a question with another question.)

Here’s worst-writer’s worst-take aka worst-conspiracy theory about what’s going on with GM right now and how that relates to everything else that’s going on that has put the whole shebang on the edge (of failure). Companies like GM and Chrysler have ratted out the government by taking bailout money. GM really thought that they were the same as the debt ridden banks on wall-street that have been doing nothing but speculating on American’t debt. For you see, going back to the late 1980s, American’t car makers became their own banks, i.e. their own debt owners in financing their own cars. The difference to wall-street, though, is that GM actually has tangibility and hence can use that as collateral for its debt making–which it did with exuberance. Of course, the Fed, the govt. and wall-street never looked at car-makers as equals. In a way, car makers, posing as bankers that manufacture, stole some shine from wall-street for a short while there. Now they are being made to payback dearly.

Rant on.