Woman Scorn Beware


In the movie Iron Man 2 Tony Stark finds in the diorama of his father’s design for the World Expo a formula for creating a new element that will save his life. While analysing the formula through a 3-D generated image, Stark is able to reduce the design to its essence. I say this, worst-Reader, because I want you to apply the same scrutiny, that is, remove all the unnecessary elements in analysing the film Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen and…

Wait. Stop the presses.

Gonna cut this post short on account I just came across a spoiler. I mean, I’ve literally come across my own spoiler. While doing a quick Wiki search of the film, in the “critical response” section of the wiki article the same claim I wanted to make is made. After watching the movie last night, seeing Cate Blanchett sitting on that park bench with her hair freshly unfinished and undried from a shower a few moments prior, it hit me. This film is not only a great tribute to Woody’s ability to write but it’s also a tribute to spastic females that can’t seperate their emotions and feelings from reality.

Pretty harsh, I’d say.

Oh well. Rant on.