Newz #002

A: But sirrah, I say to you, I’m not intolerant.
B: You are, you just don’t know it.
A: Therefore, this feeling I have, this inner burning sensation, means that I hate everybody?
Short pause.
A: But sirrah, that can’t be.
B: Oh it can–just as you were born.
Short pause.
B: And now I must move on–for the ship is sinking.

Say, doesn’t pic of Nevada look like a Guillotine? Just askin’?

Oh, the DNA runs deep in American’t. But what is even more obvious are the faces of these really, really, really stupid white men. Between Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling all I see are the faces that raised me–including the female. I’m not just talking about my parents but about the environment chosen for me that I was forced to grow-up in and never looked back when I left it. Ah, the grand ol’ saying: You can’t choose your parents. Indeed. But you can choose the environment to leave.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.