Stewards Of Indecision

Duality. Dichotomy. Right and wrong. Black and white. Good and bad. Which do you pick when consumerism has mixed the boundaries? Whether in politics or music, the masses are given a choice. And look what so many choose. Rock on Jack White. News | Jack White | Jack White III.

Who's Your Sovereign

What astonishes you, dear worst-reader? I can tell you what astonishes moi. When words and meaning spoken connect. In other words, hypocrisy among the ruling classes is obvious. But when that hypocrisy is revealed and/or admitted to--especially by one of the rulers--well, it's time to take a step back. Politics, international banking, high-stakes finance, etc., all have … Continue reading Who's Your Sovereign


Come to terms with errors and more errors. Or maybe they're not errors. The thing is this. He has a platform and a really large bullhorn. Listen to what he says? Yes. But does he really provide answers? Not sure. But then again, maybe there are no real questions asked of him. Nomatter. For history will tell of this. … Continue reading Snowed


Wait. "Confliction" isn't a word? Why not? Should be a word. Like... Oblivia. Nomatter. Something about recent Eurowasteland vote debacle. Wait. So maybe I should use the word debacle? Stop. Nomatter. Points of view in Eurowasteland is confliction. (Great sentence, eh?) Or is it parliamentary pseudo governance in Eurowasteland being buzzwords and not governance? Nomatter. Some articles to promote … Continue reading Confliction

Origin Of The Origin?

How confusing. To think one has figured out the problem. But why? Why figure out the problem? The politics of ignorance will go on all the same. But I digress. Getting to something is one thing. Getting back from that something is the other. The Real Origins of the Religious Right - Randall Balmer - … Continue reading Origin Of The Origin?

Killer Privilege

  Ah. Another shooting. Another shooting by some kid so doped-up that it's time to close the blinds, pull down the shades, staple the eyelids shut. For this one might just be scarier than the last one. The last shooting, that is. Or wait. This new one only killed seven...or is it six? Wait. The … Continue reading Killer Privilege

Better Left Unsaid?

There are two things about the Borg... Sorry. There are two things about the Germanins that scares the beejeezus out of me. The first thing is the bureaucracy (of this my adopted home). The second is the politics that feeds that bureaucracy. Worst-writer learned quickly upon moving abroad how nations act not unlike individuals. That is, nations reflect … Continue reading Better Left Unsaid?

Confused Success

As a locked-in take-my-money Apple slave (not to demean the real slaves putting these devices together), I have no fear in the following claim: there is love to be found for Microsoft's Surface. Last year, with my 2010 MacBookPro reaching it's limits, I had to make a decision. First, even though a new MacBookAir was in the plan, I … Continue reading Confused Success

$200m Website

Oh, dear worst-reader. The news is slow of late. I think it has something to do with journalism being owned these days. You know. Owned like religion, wives and copyrights. So I found myself dredging more than usual this morn to find something of interest and a potential subject to worst-right about. Thank goodness the … Continue reading $200m Website

Diet Pizza vs. Play vs. Film

While watching the film August: Osage County (more on that here) I thought every once-a-once about something being amiss. Specifically, while the movie rambled on and Julia Roberts struggled with her cursing, I thought about diet pizza. Is there such a thing? Low-fat cheese atop less salted tomato sauce absent of olive oil? How 'bout low-cal salami or … Continue reading Diet Pizza vs. Play vs. Film

Tone It Down: Intelligence

Worst-writer has no qualms with the common man. Misanthropy be damned. And these gentleman (see video at the link below) deserve respect. In fact, they command it. You can tell, worst-reader, that they are truly on the verge of eruption. Yet some degree of self-awareness, self-respect and being born of (some) mother, held them back. So let's all … Continue reading Tone It Down: Intelligence

Worst Issue #58

Dear worst-reader, here another exchange, like this one, where opposing points of view are exposed. Good luck. Friend wrote: Dude, check out this link. This is not a mistake. I would bet the oil companies in the US are backdoor funding radical groups who oppose the Keystone pipeline. Some refiners invested heavily to process the … Continue reading Worst Issue #58

Confused Protest(ation)

Misguided? Not sure. Government so gun-ho on reigning in the <sarcasm on> dangerous Interwebnets <sarcasm off> that any kind of protest is worthwhile protest. Or? But what's clear about recent Net Neutrality effort on the part of big government and even bigger corporatism is that this most recent attempt to control it has mostly to … Continue reading Confused Protest(ation)

Novel Endearment

The Physician by Noah Gordon. Finished it two nights ago, dear worst-reader. Long has this book been on my to-read list. Long have various acquaintances (in Eurowasteland) inquired about my consumption of it. Short was the task to get thru it. Glad to finally hack it off my to-read list. Now the struggle to figure out which … Continue reading Novel Endearment

Weak Explanation

Gore still misses it. Demonising Koch Brothers is obviously the easy thing to do. The hell with them. But when is the real, true culprit gonna be challenged? Al Gore can't do that. I suppose it's hard to blame an idea, especially when that idea is manifest by so many who can't realise the American … Continue reading Weak Explanation

Worst Question #287

Dear WorstWriter, It seems as if the move in corporate america is to host clouds that do NOT access / use the public internet. I would say all the technology that has made the internet what it is means it is time to employ this technology "off internet" for the future movement of data. Leave … Continue reading Worst Question #287

Laugh It Off

Why I indirectly use Facebook and other FB wannabees. For me, FB first caught my attention because of all the share links available on whatever website I was reading. Those buttons were initially a great way to manage bookmarks as up to that point I had been using Delicious, which is cumbersome and monotonous. Share buttons have subsequently been replaced … Continue reading Laugh It Off

Automaton vs Parasite

Today, dear worst-reader, let's have a moment to converse in California west cost language: This is so gnarly, dude ... surfs up ... (nuff of that.) You know, there was a time when posting pamphlets on doors reformed things. But I exaggerate. Nomatter. The video above is NOT about google or tech companies. Hell, this worst-post … Continue reading Automaton vs Parasite

Boy Girl Named

Watched August: Osage County the other night. So. Get prepared, dear worst-reader. This is gonna be a tumbler. Well. Maybe not. Follow-up to this post here. First. Julia Roberts can't say the word fuck. She just can't. I swear, in this film she tries, she really tries. But every time those innocent broad lips open … Continue reading Boy Girl Named