Who's Your Sovereign

What astonishes you, dear worst-reader? I can tell you what astonishes moi. When words and meaning spoken connect. In other words, hypocrisy among the ruling classes is obvious. But when that hypocrisy is revealed and/or admitted to–especially by one of the rulers–well, it’s time to take a step back. Politics, international banking, high-stakes finance, etc., all have a treasure trove of hypocrisy. That’s why this is a moment to cherish. For hypocrisy has been blatantly revealed by the hypocrite(s).

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchener of Argentina: “It’s the first time in the history of the Paris Club that a country in our conditions has negotiated with a multilateral body without the intervention of the International Monetary Fund, and without giving up the autonomy that a sovereign country should have, and which reveals to us that when we’re allowed to grow, when we’re allowed to develop our own policies, that when we’re allowed to generate jobs and employment, the conditions exist to honor one’s commitments and take charge of its debt. We’re not, as the vultures say, serial debtors. They, the international financial capitalists, are serial predators not just on our economy but of many economies in the world.”

In case you missed the essence, here it is shortened and slightly paraphrased: “without giving up the autonomy of a sovereign country Argentina will now pay for its debt that was incurred because richer countries exploited us and that’s handy-dandy and Otto Kraus A-O-K.” Argentina’s leader is admitting that The World Bank, IMF and The Paris Club have been robbing sovereign nations of their sovereignty. Ok. Ok. I’m not (that) naive. Of course countries like Argentina have been treated poorly by richer nations. But that’s somehow not the point when words like the above are spoken in public. Any person who’s put a bit of effort into understanding world affairs knows that countries get dupped. That bigger, richer countries exploit smaller, poorer countries. But when was the last time one of the smaller, poorer countries actually called out and named the hypocrisy? When I heard the words from the newz clip below and that they were actually spoken by the head of a so-called nation-state I cringed, stood still, checked the ground beneath me. And. While streaming the broadcast to my KitchenAppleTV, cleaning my boots, washing the pots and pans, buttering the fish for tonights grill and hoping that my home-made vodka-cherry-sorbet would ripen enough for the festivities, I stopped dead and waited for my brain to reboot. I grabbed the AppleTV remote and hit the pause button. Outside my kitchen window a classic BMW R/75 parked in front of the village Brotchen café. Time for a stiff drink even if it is ten thirty in the A-M.


Relevant part of vid starts at 2:14.

Good luck to all debtors and debtor-nations.


Henry Miller's 11 (With Comments)

Henry Miller’s 11 commandments for writing (that Tommi doesn’t live by).

  1. Work on one thing at a time until finished. (Too many things in head.)
  2. Start no more new books, add no more new material to ‘Black Spring.’ (When working on novel thinking about a play.)
  3. Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand. (The reckless part. Doesn’t that counter #1?)
  4. Work according to Program and not according to mood. Stop at the appointed time! (And what when you work according to a wine full of belly?)
  5. When you can’t create you can work. (Oh, now that makes sense.)
  6. Cement a little every day, rather than add new fertilizers. (Ok. A new definition of the word ‘cement’.)
  7. Keep human! See people, go places, drink if you feel like it. (How ’bout doing this without keeping human.)
  8. Don’t be a draught-horse! Work with pleasure only. (Then it would be called pleasure and not writing. Embrace the pain.)
  9. Discard the Program when you feel like it—but go back to it next day. Concentrate. Narrow down. Exclude. (Ok. Makes sense.)
  10. Forget the books you want to write. Think only of the book you are writing. (Same as #2. Come on Henry!)
  11. Write first and always. Painting, music, friends, cinema, all these come afterwards. (What if you can’t paint, have no friends and there is only AppleTV and no cinema anymore? Oh Henry.)

Rant on.



Come to terms with errors and more errors. Or maybe they’re not errors. The thing is this. He has a platform and a really large bullhorn. Listen to what he says? Yes. But does he really provide answers? Not sure. But then again, maybe there are no real questions asked of him. Nomatter. For history will tell of this. (It will tell of what he says.) And that same history will speak to so few just like the history after it. Or something like that.

Btw, here’s a link to a youtube search regarding The Snowed (effect). Below on of them (vids). And here’s the German ARD interview that really got me riled. Good lucks.

Update: below is the link that lead to the ARD video but it has since been made private. Googling “snowden” and “ard” should get you something, though. Good luck.

h t t p : / / youtu.be/4GlYh58cxKY

video is private


Wait. “Confliction” isn’t a word? Why not? Should be a word. Like… Oblivia. Nomatter. Something about recent Eurowasteland vote debacle. Wait. So maybe I should use the word debacle? Stop. Nomatter. Points of view in Eurowasteland is confliction. (Great sentence, eh?) Or is it parliamentary pseudo governance in Eurowasteland being buzzwords and not governance? Nomatter. Some articles to promote the confliction. (There I said it.)

Good luck with that.


Killer Privilege


The atomic structure of death-cult drugs.
The atomic structure of death-cult drugs used to raise the off-spring of American’t

Ah. Another shooting. Another shooting by some kid so doped-up that it’s time to close the blinds, pull down the shades, staple the eyelids shut. For this one might just be scarier than the last one. The last shooting, that is. Or wait. This new one only killed seven…or is it six? Wait. The last killed… Nomatter. What’s important here is that the newz can capitalize on… Let’s see. This person hated females. But he drove a nice car. So you have hate and consuming together as all was meant to be–in the land of failupwards. I mean, why would anyone drive a chick-catcher-car if he didn’t like gurls? No wait. The newz will explain it to us. Right? I mean. Maybe the gurls didn’t like him. Deliver (answers) to us newz. No? Ok. Move on.

What about that well spoken vid on the Interwebnets, the youtubes? It all coincides with his one-hundred-forty-odd page manifesto–which you can only get via some Interwebnet service (see links below). From what I’ve read so far this manifesto is very well written. The last manifesto I read was horribly written. What’s become of our death-cult servicers? Now they’re cultivated and almost elegant–in a very weird kinda way.  OYG, what is this world coming to! Not only does our national obsession with death exceed that of anything outside of war but the perpetrators are the kids of Hollywood film directors and they can read and write and at twenty-two drive around in a BMW gurl catching cars… Or maybe not.

Privilege kills indeed.

And now for a quick look at what American’ts latest whack-job took for “medication” to deal with his American’t problems? Get a load of Risperidone. Wiki even has a separate page listing the side effects of this drug. What a great country, eh. What a great new tech service the Interwebnets provides. If only the information provided could weave its way through all the ignorance that enables this stuff. But I digress.

Indeed. Another closed-minded day in the land of dream dreamers, Disney and living by the gun. Speaking of guns. Should we get into guns today, dear worst-reader? In this most recent shooting, none of the brand names of the guns was even mentioned. At least the brand names weren’t mentioned in the news I scanned. But I suppose the time of advertising, of marketing our famed Colts, PeaceMakers, nine-millimeters, eh-are-fifteens, etc., etc., are over. We know them all too well. Like coca-cola. Such advertising has no effect anymore. So we move on. Now it’s about the drugs. Or is it about the BMW he drove? Nomatter.

The eyelids are closed. There is nothing left to see in the freakshow–that we haven’t seen a dozen or so times before. The blinds are down and it still happens. The colorful depiction of reds and flesh and broken BMWs on a side-walk near you is not enough. We need more. We are more. Of this death. Hail the death cult. The religious nut-bags, gun totters, the NRA–grievance, belonging, sentiment–all that is left of American’t except for a new mall or iphone 7d(eath). Oh, the dominate decaying landscape and maintain the guns, the drugged-up kids, the parents incapable of recognizing that they were raised to beget these children, this species of death. And while you’re at it. There’s got to be something interesting to watch while the eyelids are shut on the TVs or Interwebnets which are now connected directly to the brain through microwave cellular nodes atop rotting buildings and other nation-state infrastructure left to the whims of cost cutting and greed galore. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Keep your eyelids shut and watch Oprah or Ellen. All will be well. As usual. Go ’bout your failing.


  • Kind of shocked that I found this link. Would you believe that this is actually Isla Vista’s second killing by one of its obviously whacked out children of privilege.
  • Here’s the manifesto. Well written n’all.
  • What a coincidence. The father who participated in this by drugging-up his kid is a semi-famous hollywood director and his website peterrodger.com is down.
  • He don’t like gurls.
  • Look. Father & Drug Co. tried to help.

Rant on.


Better Left Unsaid?

There are two things about the Borg… Sorry. There are two things about the Germanins that scares the beejeezus out of me. The first thing is the bureaucracy (of this my adopted home). The second is the politics that feeds that bureaucracy. Worst-writer learned quickly upon moving abroad how nations act not unlike individuals. That is, nations reflect basic human needs and desires just like individual human beings. Obviously scales are different but as history has shown nations, like individuals, can change. They can also be manipulated. So the worst-question of the day has to be: how do you see through what you are being sold?

Germaninland in 2014 is a monstrosity of bureaucracy. This bureaucracy is so overwhelming that Germanins can’t even see it. They don’t know this bureaucracy exist as it does. Nor do they know the Sophie’s Choice that is everyday life here. With that non-sense in mind, worst-writer is gonna go out on a limb. There is something in Germaninland that few question. That something are the atoms that make up the monstrosity, the individuals that make the monster machine of bureaucracy. Everybody here just goes with it because, well, it lets you buy shit, go on vacation, and drive around in über-expensive cars that are paid for by taxing the shit out of complacency. Which brings me to the sub-category of politics in Germaninland: the politicians. These men and women are the handlers of all. They flip the switches of all. They are the gatekeepers and just like the gated they too are oblivious to the wonders of the success that is the wirtschaft-wunder, unification and the acceptance that consumerism is now the new bratwurst, bier and hot Fräulein.

As a foreigner I’m actually eligible to vote in the upcoming local elections. My aunt has been all over me about who I’m gonna vote for–because I have been teasing her for years about her SPD loyalty. Ever since LaFontaine, Schroeder & Co, the SPD has been a laughing-stock. But I won’t get into that here. When I told my aunt I was gonna vote for the Piraten-Partei she laughed. And then I said:

Liebe Aunti, everybody, in order to wake up, should vote for any party that is not part of the 5% minimum of national politics. And yes, that includes all the extreme parties.


So watch the vid below carefully, dear worst-reader. In it a status-quo leader of the bureaucracy-machine of this stagnant but consumerist-success-story of a country tries to put a loud-mouthed protestor in his place. The protestor is calling the politician and his ilk a fascist. And the pseudo-fascist response is breathtaking. The sheer, unmitigated, atypical, only in Eurowasteland kind of arrogance spewed by this politicians is truly astonishing. From the beginning of the video to the end it kept reminding me of something completely opposite of what the SPD is supposed to stand for. Then again, confusion runs rampant where there is chaos. And if the soul (pun) worship of consumerism is as real as it feels, chaos rules–no matter what Steinmeier attempts to say or do here. And so. See the second vid–if you can. And remember:

Hitler was defeated in WW2 but fascism won. –George Carlin

First Vid of arrogant German bureaucracy maker using his big microphone against those who will never have a microphone.

Second vid that no one is required to watch but if you dare you might see some history repeating itself.

This post was motivated by this post who, as far as worst-writer can tell, should get credit for bringing these two videos together.

Rant on.


Confused Success

As a locked-in take-my-money Apple slave (not to demean the real slaves putting these devices together), I have no fear in the following claim: there is love to be found for Microsoft’s Surface. Last year, with my 2010 MacBookPro reaching it’s limits, I had to make a decision. First, even though a new MacBookAir was in the plan, I didn’t want to afford one. Second, what to do? Take a step back and think things through. Result? Installed new SSD on my old MBP. Result? Wow. Never thought such an inexpensive upgrade/modification could save the day. But there was still something missing. The more and more I read about, heard about, and watched my better half use her iPad, I was itching to enter that world–which is another reason I find the frivolous, standardised premium pricing of laptops such a turn-off. Again, I love Microsoft’s Surface. I think. Or do I just love the whole new post-pc bullshit that finally galvanizes the wonders of cloud computing? Heck, I would spend a few moments here or there in any tech department of any store fiddling with the Surface. I watched youtube reviews and read various articles about it, too. It just seemed like Microsoft, by doing the same but repackaging it, putting a new coat on it, etc., might be on to something. I love the optional keyboard and the stylus rocks, too. Input was always my biggest gripe on the iPad. But there is a different turn-off with the Surface. It is a real deal killer (for moi). It is the fact that this device will 1) never be a replacement for a a productive laptop and 2) like all other devices, it is typically overpriced. Indeed. The monopoly, cabal industry that Microsoft/Intel have sewn lives on in the Surface. Which brings me to Microsoft’s biggest problem: Steve Jobs was right. In fact, Steve Jobs is the first to break the Microsoft/Intel cabal (if you ask me). He really nailed it (to Microsoft) with the iPad. Unlike its Macs, it does not depend on the cabal. And the fact that it is/can be half the price of the Surface… Wow. So let’s put it all together, dear worst-reader. I love the new Surface 3. But an aging laptop, a productivity machine, can be revived with cheap upgrades (in my case it was both an SSD and a new battery which was less than $400). My 2010 MBP now boots in less than 10 seconds and runs all day (I’m not kidding) on a single battery charge. A few months after that, realizing I saved money by not buying a new over-priced laptop, I broke down and bought a refurbished iPad4 from the US apple store. I’ve been using it for the better part of six months and I love it. I got one with 64GB and Cellular–for under $500. I even bought a marked down keyboard for it–as third-party add-ons are currently heavily discounted because of iPadAir. Although it’s not the productivity device I’d like it to be, it is the perfect device for supplementing the productivity of my laptop. I use the iPad to read, read and read. I use it to collect links to articles and even post to my blog. I also use it as my only email device and it’s perfect for video calling with my mother in the States. And it’s also fantastic when it comes to the cloud. So that I won’t bore you with all it can do. I use my laptop for all my writing and most of my blog posting. I use my iPad for everything else. Everything.

Microsoft Introduces Thinner Surface Pro 3 with 12″ Display Starting at $799 – Mac Rumors.

But, seriously, will it replace laptops?

Good luck Microsoft.

Rant on.


$200m Website

cashOh, dear worst-reader. The news is slow of late. I think it has something to do with journalism being owned these days. You know. Owned like religion, wives and copyrights. So I found myself dredging more than usual this morn to find something of interest and a potential subject to worst-right about. Thank goodness the dredging was short lived.

Link to article of worst-interest.

But the article isn’s what motivated me.

Have you heard about the website The Intercept? No? No big deal. You might never hear about it except for the fact that it is considered the world’s most expensive website. That’s right, dear worst-reader, The Intercept (link is to a wiki page on it) website costs in excess of $200m. Ok. Backtrack a bit. Actually the money is an investment in what is supposed to be a new voice in publishing…. I mean. A new voice in Interwebnet publishing. Wait. That’s not right either. The Intercept is supposed to be a new voice in journalism. Online journalism. (Hope I got that right.) But what’s really interesting about this $200m website is how it came to be.

The investment amount for this website and all it will entail:

  1. as already mentioned, is part of $200m given by one of the founders of eBay,
  2. the catalyst for this rock-star website is Glenn Greenwald and his possession of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks,
  3. and for that amount of money, this website might just be the counter we all need to save us not only from crooked politics, crony capitalism but–and here’s the real deal–this website might just be the new & improved journalistic voice to help us all save ourselves from ourselves.

Or maybe not.


Rant on.

Diet Pizza vs. Play vs. Film

August Osage playWhile watching the film August: Osage County (more on that here) I thought every once-a-once about something being amiss. Specifically, while the movie rambled on and Julia Roberts struggled with her cursing, I thought about diet pizza. Is there such a thing? Low-fat cheese atop less salted tomato sauce absent of olive oil? How ’bout low-cal salami or sausage? I know. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Of course, it doesn’t help that I am actually on a diet. Have been for a long time. But my diet is more about lifestyle and changing that lifestyle and not so much about “diet”. Which means I don’t eat pizza anymore. But that’s neither here nor there. And if you have to know, as far as diets go, it’s not going well. I think that’s because I think about pizza too much. Either that or I can see through films that were plays and the transition didn’t go very well.

Finished the play August: Osage County by Tracy Letts this morning–a few days after watching the film version. Never before had I been so motivated to read the original (of a movie adaptation). Obviously the thoughts of diets came back to me–and those thoughts, after reading the play, proved I was right. In fact, the thoughts of diets came back to me with a vengeance. And I’m most afeared to admit that these diets, I mean, these thoughts about diets, diets of two different things (play vs film), somehow got intertwined. And not for the good. If there is something grand about the film version of this play, then there is something mega-grander about the actual play.

The reality is, the film version of August: Osage County was put on a major diet for the screen. In fact, the film diet was much worse than my pizza diet. The cheese was left out and there was no tomato sauce. But Letts’ did leave some meat on it–as though it was supposed to be a protein diet or something. And so we can thank Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep for all their brawling and cursing in the film. Now, after reading the original, the question is: why oh why oh why? And worst-writer knows the answer(s).

The film’s script was sculpted by the playwright himself which makes me ask another why or why. How could he leave out the cheese and the olive oily garlic tomato sauce? But then I thought: Is Tracy Letts on a diet, too? At the least, a writer of his caliber, must have been commanded to be on a diet. Tracy Letts for sure wasn’t allowed to put up on the big screen the hard truth his hard play reveals about the great American delusion… sorry. American Dream.

Indeed. The movie is a hint of what the play is really about, which can be summed up thus:

This country was always pretty much a whorehouse, but at least it used to have some promise. Now it’s just a shithole.

The text above is from Barbara in the play, who was played by ill-cursing Julia Roberts in the film. She is having a moment of reflection while considering what to do with her estranged, pharma-addict mother. This text, and much of the play’s text, was not in the film nor was any of the text where Letts’ ingeniously provides an analysis of what America has become based on the wrath of the so-called GREATEST GENERATION that has ruined the whole fucking show.

The story is about a batshit mother hooked on pharmaceutical medication that helps her avoid the realities of raising her broken, incestuous, spoiled rotten family, i.e. the family that is (supposed to be) the American dream. The play is about what happens when generation after generation becomes enamored and drunk on a dream that is really delusion. To worst-writer’s pleasure, Barbara’s mother, Violet, is of the so-called greatest-generation. As it goes, the greatest-generation was born to fight fascism. And fight they did, I guess. But then that generation ends up rearing kids that become fascists. Is this not manifest in the society and politics we’re living in today? Am I the only one to smell the stench of certain political families that embody this manifestation? Just think about recent wars, the profiteering of wars, the mechanics of wars–and most important who the people are, who the generation is, that got us into the wars. New & Improved Nazis, indeed. But I digress.

Letts does not hold back–which means it is a great fucking play. He really nails the delusion that is the American dream. The text/dialog is so smooth and forthcoming, so real and plain, yet profound and stirring, he thoroughly deserves the accolades. In fact, his play is so good that I’m almost motivated to get back into some of those old plays I have in dusty shelves and begin anew–for the world certainly needs more worst-plays. Either that or maybe he might be motivating enough to get me back in the writing-saddle and finish some of those plays I was trying to write that deal with similar cheese and sauce missing from the eternal pizza that is…


Great play. Worth the read.

Rant on.


Tone It Down: Intelligence

Worst-writer has no qualms with the common man. Misanthropy be damned. And these gentleman (see video at the link below) deserve respect. In fact, they command it. You can tell, worst-reader, that they are truly on the verge of eruption. Yet some degree of self-awareness, self-respect and being born of (some) mother, held them back. So let’s all thank Thor, the grand teapot in the sky, Zoroaster and some mother that they were able to maintain themselves. But. That said. This is what happens after a country has become impotent-of-mind in the arena of democracy. This is what happens when a country allows itself to be guided by branded lapel flags whose interests are self-serving and those interests are spewed from behind TV cameras and those interests do not reflect the common man that is (theatrically) portrayed here. Indeed. It is so hard to see thru what you/we have been sold by conservatism, Neoliberlism in The United Mistakes of American’t: the grievance, the belonging and the sentiment run deep. Which remind me: It doesn’t matter if George W. Bush was an ignoramus anymore. The video in the link below proves that Bush was the catalyst in lowering the bar to new levels. Some say that you can’t see the future but you can learn from the past. Well, American’t is proving that is no longer true and quite the opposite is real. Here’s to your future American’t.

Idaho gubernatorial candidates Walt Bayes and Harley Brown have a surreal debate..

Worst Issue #58

burning river
Pic from @whet

Dear worst-reader, here another exchange, like this one, where opposing points of view are exposed. Good luck.

Friend wrote:

Dude, check out this link.

This is not a mistake. I would bet the oil companies in the US are backdoor funding radical groups who oppose the Keystone pipeline. Some refiners invested heavily to process the heavy oil in Louisina, but I feel like the oil majors, who are already fighting surplus crude in the US for years now and heavily lobbying the Gov to allow crude exports because they are swimming in the stuff, are very against the pipeline, which will put Canada on the map for being a major supplier directly to the gulf. Right now, within a few years, US will be the largest oil producer nation on the planet, and of course, the US citizens have NOTHING to show for it. The US allows companies to extract all of the natural wealth of the nation and exploit it for their private gain while the US citizens are sitting on $14 trillion in debt. If I were running things, every $1 over $80 a barrel that oil sells for, the gov would get 35% “excessive profit” tax.

Anyway, Mexico just passed laws to allow foreign investment there which within 3-5 years will turn around their ass backwards bureaucratic government oil monopoly, which shows governments can’t do anything right, but they can come up with ways to benefit the citizens with their own natural resources.


Oh, dear worst-friend, where should I worst-start? How ’bout here…

Are you and I on a war-path of opposing views? At the least, your interpretation of current affairs is making my head shake. What’s up with that? Does this have anything do with the fact that we are thinking American’ts who live on both sides of the Atlantic? Nomatter. Let’s rumble.

First, dear worst-friend, American oil men are not smart enough to cause an oil spill on purpose. Seriously. These guys are morons and, like so many who live their life for money, they have never had an original thought. Unless you call naming an oil tanker after Bush’s former national security adviser an original thought. (If you don’t know that one then check here.)

The LA oil line break is most surely an accident. But it is an accident because of neo-liberal politics and collective neglect. Just like all the train derailments that are exploding across north America (here more on that). The subsequent spill (that has closed an LA “Gentleman’s Club“) is another example of America’s inability to “reap what we sow”. Or is it sow what we reap? Nomatter. Maybe you get what I mean. Anywho. Have you heard about all the oil transport accidents of late? Do you think they were all planned, too?


I don’t know where you get the idea that America is fighting to export because it has too much oil. FYI, there’s been too much oil ever since Saddam was ousted from Kuwait. Supply is not an issue but demand might be. The real issue of oil today is distribution. Distribution is owned by the USA military and a few lucky oil men. And there’s the cabal. Ontop of that, because there’s so much supply, America is hoarding oil, controlling it, slapping the hands of others (can you say Putin/Russia) that are trying to get in on the scam. So if you want to talk about oil men planning anything, talk about how they pulled that one off. It has taken them a lifetime–our lifetime to do it. But pull it off they have. Oh. And it wasn’t planned.

And before I forget. The Keystone pipeline is for export to cheap labor countries that produce western goods. The American oil cabal doesn’t want anything to do with Canadian tar-sands oil for domestic consumption because it’s too expensive to process. America prefers oil from underneath real sand–on account it’s cheaper to get into cars and we fought enough wars over it for that privilege. Tarsands oil is only good for diesel or kerosene which is enough to power/fuel China’s slave labor production or produce tires/tyres or plastics for baby’s to choke on.

But don’t quote me on that last thought.

Love ya, man.



Crazy Elvis vs Edward Snowden

crazy elvisWhile most ask what would Jesus do, worst-writer asks: what would Elvis do?

In the case of Edward Snowden I’m seriously confused about what to do. When the news about Snowden’s leak first hit and I was able to wrap my head around it, I thought: where’s the info? Seriously. Wikileaks was still all over the news and the question of the day was: when will Julian Assange stink-up the Equadorian Embassy so much that they have to throw him out to get rid of the stench? The second question of the day was: Why didn’t Snowden just give the leaks to Wikileaks so that the info could be where it belongs? Well, dear worst-reader, we’re starting to see the answer to that question now. Lawyer turned journalist, Glenn Greewald, is finally on a tour of the USA where he will release all… ALL… A L L of the information he received from Endward Snowden so that all of us can have a look at it and…

Wait. Stop the worst-presses. That’s ain’t quite what’s happening.

What’s happening is that Greenwald is on a tour to sell a book he wrote where he and he alone (well, there might be a few editors and friends along the ride) will determine what we all can see from the Snowden leaks. And his book currently costs between €10 and €20 Euros, depending on what format you purchase. Now ain’t that special! Why this reminds me of crazy Elvis, drugged out on stage in Vegas, just before turning too fat to do Karate while singing glory, glory, hallelujah, I’m not sure. Hopefully future generations of better informed worst-readers can figure that one out. But I won’t bore you with the worst (best) of Elvis’ Vegas closers. Let’s go for something more revealing, something that we don’t have to pay Glenn Greenwald for in order to hear some truth, like a guy that wants to sound like Elvis but sings about his love of the NSA.

Here’s a timeline of events worth a quick look.

Rant on.


Collective Fraud = New Worldcup Flatscreens

german borg flagRead an article this morn that set me off, dear worst-reader. Good luck with this one.

The worldcup is coming and so too the NEED for a new TV. Indeed. But there’s one problem. No one can afford a new TV. Germania is broke. What? You don’t believe worst-writer that Germania is broke? Why? Because you might read articles like this or this? Well. Then let me rephrase. Not all of Germania is broke. Government subsidised industries are doing fine but that is mostly due to the fact that so much of corporate costs are government subsidised in this country. Here yet more proof that Germania is in fact part of the grand lie of the social market free-for-all that some refer to as a social market economy. Seriously. For one thing, worstwriter has never seen so much hidden fraud than in Germany. (In American’t and Britain the fraud isn’t hidden.) And why is that? Well. The Germans have a special way of collectivising EVERYTHING. That’s kind of their secret. Everyone has to be the same and do the same. That includes everything being the same when it comes to creativity, work and even ambition. Ingenuity can only take place in the confines of a corporation–so that the corporation can own that ingenuity. The only thing that makes anyone or anything different is the amount of personal spendable income. But, of course, due to Eurowasteland history, that personal income, also known as the consumer money supply, is predetermined (based on a hierarchial society that begins at a very early stages in life) and pre-distributed (based on the collective distribution of living-standard employment). This is a country living the lie better than so many others–and it does so because the people that make this happen question nothing–they love the fact that so much is hidden.

But worst-writer, please tell us more about how the collective lie works. Ok, I will.

  • The German food service industry wouldn’t be around if it couldn’t periodically be burned down in order to claim insurance payouts. You could go anywhere in Germany right now and find multiple burned out houses where once restaurants were. This also applies to small business. When things go bust in the land of the hidden, burn it down because the collective will pay (with collective insurance) in order to keep things hidden.
  • German housing and construction wouldn’t be possible if builders couldn’t collect bankruptcy insurance. There are two almost-finished row-house complexes near where I live that have been dormant for years because the construction company went bankrupt. If it was real bankruptcy, as opposed to there being something hidden about what really happened to those companies, then someone or something would have finished the building.
  • Doctors would go out of business if they couldn’t delay care for patients (my average wait time to see a doctor for non-acute ailments is sometimes up to six months). Doctors do this on purpose because of the pay cycles of the government mandated insurance industry. Why see someone about an ailment if they can’t make money off it? Just schedule appointments according to insurance payment schedules.
  • The so-called mass produced luxury German auto industry could not survive if it weren’t for government subsidies of corporate leased cars that are then given to the masses of privileged worker-bees that in turn pay government taxes on those vehicles and that tax, of course, is set by the price of the car. Oh. Let’s not forget: Germans pay some of the highest prices for the liquid gold that powers and makes mobility possible in their grand collective. Half of that money is tax.
  • Last but not least. The “locomotive” of Eurowasteland would have no children if it weren’t for the lie of free, lengthy, time wasting mis-education (again, subsidised by outrageous taxes) as a way to keep people from joining the already strained and obviously dying workforce that allows genders to waste half their baby-bearing years on consuming krapp no one needs in order that the collective state can collect consumer VAT taxes. Luckily nature kicks in and German females realise by their late 20s and early 30s (yeah, that’s how long it takes to get a basic university education here) that it’s baby bearing time. The only problem they have then is to figure out where the men are that can afford the hidden extra costs of females that think belated procreation doesn’t have a surcharge.

Below is a link to an article that motivated this worst-rant about how Germans are able buy new flatscreen TVs because the Worldcup says they have to and the worker-bees think/believe that rampant consumption is a wirtschaftwunder right. 

Article in English (google translate).

Original article – Deutsch.

Rant on.


Confused Protest(ation)

Misguided? Not sure. Government so gun-ho on reigning in the <sarcasm on> dangerous Interwebnets <sarcasm off> that any kind of protest is worthwhile protest. Or? But what’s clear about recent Net Neutrality effort on the part of big government and even bigger corporatism is that this most recent attempt to control it has mostly to do with video distribution. So here’s an idear for another kind of protest. Stop watching video (on the internet) and/or stop supporting NetFlix. Oooops. Wait a sec. Did I just mean what I said? Nomatter. Tommi is worstwriter–confused as any other protestor.

Protesters set up camp at net neutrality rally outside FCC headquarters | Technology | theguardian.com.

Novel Endearment

PhysicianThe Physician by Noah Gordon.

Finished it two nights ago, dear worst-reader. Long has this book been on my to-read list. Long have various acquaintances (in Eurowasteland) inquired about my consumption of it. Short was the task to get thru it. Glad to finally hack it off my to-read list. Now the struggle to figure out which book is next. Nomatter.

Have been thinking about The Physician ever since I closed the e-book. In fact, been thinking about it more than others I’ve finished. Why? Because I know, unlike other books that make me think, this one will pass. So I better think about it asap. For it will move beyond my needs because, well, upon completion, I could not understand why it sold millions upon millions of copies–mostly to Europe, especially to Germany. But then I realized that this is a unique piece of work that is destined to appeal to a certain group of people. More on that in a sec.

According to this article, Der Medicus (German title) sold over six million copies, and that was long after its publication in 1986. And so I ask: What makes this book such a grand bestseller? The aforementioned article even suggest that it is a “Grishamesque” novel. Oooops. Now don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though while I was reading it I also skipped passage after passage. But that’s neither here nor there. Alone the research put into this book makes it naturally rise well above the denunciation of being Grishamesque. In more contemporary terms, this book is in the stratosphere above DanBrownesque. But. It is not at the level of UmbertoEcoesque! Still. For moi. Being compared to Eco is more appropriate. But I digress

As mentioned, I skipped passages in this book. Mr. Gordon did a fine job putting it together but there were moments where I got lost because his narration bored me. I also couldn’t get over how some of the story offered gears but those gears didn’t mesh well. For example. I didn’t buy the “It’s hard to be a Jew” thing. Also, the beating Cole took upon entering Ispahan didn’t match the lack of fear and the struggle to actually get there. And then there’s the circumcision thing. I just didn’t see the point of all that, especially when Cole was being questioned upon his arrival and subsequent trouble in London. But I’m nitpicking. And. As usual. I’m jealous because I know I can’t write a novel better. And so.

I think the reason this book was/is so popular–among Eurowastelanders and not so popular in the US–is because it is endearing. It also appeals to a cultivated mind. This book didn’t do well in the US because, unlike John Grisham or Dan Brown, it actually attempts to portray a world where there are more important things than the vulgar and the obvious. The way Gordon portrays Rob Cole from birth to manhood is counter to the cowboy, winner-take-all mindset of America and it’s outdated way of life. Rob Cole is indeed a real man and his faults are as endearing as his strengths. Very European, indeed. Rob Cole is the anti-cowboy created by an American author and put into a story that lusts after history and knowledge–and that story has to be put outside of America. I guess. Or something like that.

Great read.

Rant on.


Worst Question #287


Dear WorstWriter,

It seems as if the move in corporate america is to host clouds that do NOT access / use the public internet. I would say all the technology that has made the internet what it is means it is time to employ this technology “off internet” for the future movement of data. Leave the “internet” to applications like ordering a taxi or pizza or sharing your pictures and all “real” information will migrate to networks where you will have to pay to play so to speak. What do you think? Is the “cloud” just a harbinger of the future where if you are not “locked” into someone’s “cloud” then you will have nothing but TV on the internet (or Facebook like BS)? And what about those “clouds”? What real information will you actually have access to? Pretty much nothing useful, no research, information that is useful outside of commercial uses. The original Internet is like “bad currency” and it will drive out “good” meaning anything useful will move on… The original “internet” is like smoking, addictive but useless and more harmful then good…

Here’s an article that recently motivated this question. I’m confused about Microsoft’s strategy.

Yours, a concerned shitizen and former corporatist.

Dear Corporatist and respected Shitizen,

I feel the struggle inside you. I especially know what it’s like to be rejected on a whim and have to live your life as a former corporatist where your living standard has been robbed and you feel as though you know exactly who the robber is. But I digress. On to more relevant things.

Barring any changes to basic TCP/IP and HTTP protocols the Internwebnet, or Internet–as most worst-mortals refer to it–is safe. Allow me to start with a brief and nebulous explanation of The Cloud. First, it is nothing but a natural recurring technology based on open, distributed and decentralized networking. Second, the cloud as a technology is not owned (is not proprietary) but how it used can be owned. See Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, etc. In my humble worst-opinion, Google Chromebook is the best example of proprietary hardware and software utilising this new aspect of technology. The Cloud is brilliant and worthwhile–as long as you stick with the worst-writer mantra: if you have personal info that you want to be private keep it off an open, distributed, decentralized network. That said, I am using the cloud more and more. In fact, I’ve spent the last few months getting all my work in the cloud. It’s only about 1GB of text data but now I can access, edit and work on it all from any internet connected device. The cloud has little to do with the problems of the internet.

Here the problems a’la worstwriter.

Problem #1: Net Neutrality.

Politicians are trying desperately to govern, i.e. get money for Internet use by Internet hogs, or, as I like to call them: providers of video. Personally, video should get its own internet. I could live happily with an Internet and less video. Anywho. Netflix is the biggest video packet culprit. YouTube is pretty bad, too. Old school media companies hate video on the Internet (but not like I hate it). ISPs hate it, too. Netflix is the single biggest bandwidth hog on the Internet and the old economy wants them taxed. The argument for old school regarding Netflix is a typical centralized, almost mafia-like argument: You wanna play you gotta pay. Netflix’s pie has surprised them all and now there are many that think they deserve a piece of that pie. Keep in mind, government has already succeeded in fully controlling mobile/cellular data (our loss suckers). But here’s the problem (the government and old school have) that we all should be VERY thankful for. The basic infrastructure of the Internet is by default decentralised and distributed. It CANNOT be centralized–even though the government and corporations are trying their best to do so. Politicians will have a tough time controlling the Internet because of its very nature. But what the government can do is help old school get a piece of the pie.

Problem #2: Edward Snowden.

The article you sent has little to do with the cloud but instead is a marketing ploy for/by Microsoft & Co. to counter what was exposed by Edward Snowden. I’m sure you’re not hearing (through US media) about how Snowden’s NSA leak has been devastating to US technology companies. Snowden revealed that countries and international business cannot trust US technology industry because it is in cahoots with the NSA. Have you heard about Cicso turning over it’s routers to NSA to have them install back-door technology on them before shipping to customers? Also exposed was the fact that what the NSA gathers/collects is not used for national security. It is used for corporate espionage. Here a nice (shame of me) vid with 3rd grade level explanation of Snowden ordeal.

Side note: Heck, recently Google got shot down by EU saying Google has to give control of my google data back to me.

If you think Microsoft will/can succeed with its new system, buy it’s stock.

Good luck, Shitizen.

Rant on.

-Tommi (aka worstwriter)

Laugh It Off

facebook strategyWhy I indirectly use Facebook and other FB wannabees. For me, FB first caught my attention because of all the share links available on whatever website I was reading. Those buttons were initially a great way to manage bookmarks as up to that point I had been using Delicious, which is cumbersome and monotonous. Share buttons have subsequently been replaced by “tweet” buttons. (Twitter, btw, seems to be a company that got social networking right–and it’s not even a social service, it’s a micro-blog service.) Now I just get a kick out of being able to re-post links to content from my blog automatically via wordpress. And every once-a-once I conveniently use FB messages. Personally, I got nothing against the “social” phenomenon of FB–which is code for advertising and parsing web use. Heck, I don’t even care about anonymity (because the internet is and forever will be nothing more than an extension of original telephony and that too was never anonymous. But I digress.) In my humble worst opinion, Facebook really is nothing more than what AOL wanted to be but couldn’t be simply because Interwebnet users at the time were wise enough to laugh it off. As this new generation of Interwebnets users comes onboard, i.e. those who missed the CompuServe days with dial-up modems and/or those grasshoppers incapable of investigating what this digital age is really supposed to be about, it’s been easy for FB to manipulate and conjure. Still. I think FB’s days are numbered. I, for one, am amused and soddened at the fact that my beloved Interwebnets is on the verge of collapse. But that’s a different issue. FB’s obvious problem now is its stock evaluation and an already tarnished rep. Time will tell where it goes but it ain’t looking good. Who knows, maybe FB can make a few more billion useless dollar purchases. I’ve already stopped using WhatsApp. Nomatter.


Ten Reasons

For the fifth grader

Take It To Eleven

Last but not least

Good luck.

Rant on.


8 Sails 50 Cannons


Something to rid us of the grime and monotony this morn, dear worst-reader. It’s raining, as usual. The Eurowasteland sky is just above my head. Nomatter. Since I can’t leave this wasteland I find these little my-noot video passages to break up the pain of my fingers from typing on chicklet keyboards galore.

There is one thing about this song that bothers me. When translated to English they replace this

Und ein Schiff mit acht Segeln
Und mit fünfzig Kanonen…

with something like this which is random and obscure:

There’s a ship, the black freighter
with a skull on its masthead… (etc.)

Which is why the original is so brilliant and worth all the luscious guttural Germanin.


Pirate Jenny

Amada Palmer

Rant on.



Automaton vs Parasite

Today, dear worst-reader, let’s have a moment to converse in California west cost language: This is so gnarly, dude … surfs up … (nuff of that.)

You know, there was a time when posting pamphlets on doors reformed things. But I exaggerate. Nomatter.

The video above is NOT about google or tech companies. Hell, this worst-post ain’t even about the outrageous housing costs that San Franciscans pay that I’m laughing about. And it most certainly ain’t about a bunch of tech-dude talking heads who squeezed by as the US (in my humble worst-opinion) killed off the dotcom era by replacing technology and innovation with the past in the form of new & improved robber barons, Houdini-bankers and war-mongers galore.

Indeed. What the boys in the vid should be talking about is a broken system, a country that has, as a whole (not in its parts), been lingering along the path of failing upwards for the better part of 30+ years. Our system of apathy, reaction and an ignorant voting populace combined with predatory capitalism that has sold-out to worldly globalization (that is made up of more apathy, reaction and ignorance) has left an entire generation (either the Xers or the millennials–I can never tell which one is which) in the wind. A whole generation of Americans has been lost and, for the most part, it’s also been forgotten–and these kids are barely old enough to figure out which coffee to order and which credit card to charge it on. And when these kids put a measly pamphlet on the door of an Automaton corporatist, well, what is left to be done? React(ion) is at hand. Demonizing is in the cards. Kevin Rose and Leo Laporte can get side by side and defend themselves against the oncoming mob. Mob with pitchforks ala Shelley’s Frankenstein. And who is the monster the mob is after? Frankenstein = Automaton? Full stop.

Ah, to have such a comfort zone so well earned. Wait. Short pause.

Now that they make me think about it. I too have a comfort zone that I’ve earned. But to get it I had to break away from the abyss of American’t suburban hell. I had to turn my back on the mind-blowing ignorance of cubicle-work-life. I had to sacrifice a living standard in order to save my soul. For I saw at a very young age how so many were willing to subject themselves to whatever scraps and tittles parents and generations left behind. Hence, American’t is now a place where you literally have to fight for the remaining scraps. And the people you see on the vid above have done well with those scraps.

If one were to look at the bank accounts of the panel blathering in the vid above, they all really have earned their bubbles. But there is a price–and they are far from recognizing that price. Still. Worst-writer say: hats off to them. Leo has built what could be considered the first and bestest internet/podcasting network. I watch numerous shows on twit. And Kevin Rose… well, he really seems like a successful guy, too. A “Venture Capitalist” employed by google. Only in these times, dear worst-reader, can the comforts of high-end employment earn the title Venture Capitalist. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not mocking success. I’m only mocking those who can’t see through how success is measured.

The essence of the problem San Fran is in might be what Leo claims. The ridiculous housing market could be due to the city being land locked. But it could also be attributable to something else. Worst-writer’s answer to everything that makes it American’t is once again applicable here. So stop looking at the tip of the iceberg, baby. Get scuba certified and go diving–the info is deep, deep, deeper. And besides, scuba is a totally sexy thing to do–it’s also a great way to meet chicks.

The essence of the problem that Leo & Co do not even venture to discuss is
nothing less than corporatism. And how do you get corporatism to be the essence? You are an American born of baby-boomers. You grow up never questioning whether the resources required (capital, credit, consumables, etc.) will even be there for your taking–like it was for the greed-generation, the boomers, your parents. You just go through the motions–like an automaton. And now, suckers, it’s too late. All that’s left is to paste pamphlets on the doors of your own–some of who have done better with the scraps that the American religion of greed and ill-success has left behind. And so. Silicon Valley is a beacon for what remains of the scraps of a dying idear. Or something like that.


I need a new google device really bad.


Here’s the vid.

The silly pamphlet

Sarcasm on. Some über tech newz. Sarcasm off.

The whole twit show (warning: over 2hrs)

Good luck sucker.

Rant on.


PS related post here.

Prank The Automaton

Activist group The Yes Men nail it again. These guys are so awesome they’re beyond funny. Seriously. It’s as though funny starts at a certain point with them and 180 degrees later it’s still funny but then again it’s not. Dark humour? Dark Parody? Dark… You know what I worst-mean. But then again. Wait. Nomatter. Check out the vid and wait till it gets to the line dance part where these pranksters organise the attending corporate-automatons to fall in line like the sheep being lead off the cliff that they really are. My only concern with this level of immaculate humour is, if, under other circumstances, if I would have made it in the corporate-automaton world, would I too have fallen for this? Ok. Wait (again). I can safely say I wouldn’t have fallen for this. Why? Because I didn’t fall for the corporate-automaton world from the get go, baby. That’s why I’m (we’re) here, baby. That’s right. That’s exactly what makes worst-writer better–including you, worst-reader. That’s why we’re free and I’m planning my next trip to Curacao at the same time I’m worst-writing this post. Yeah, baby.

In case vid fails, here’s another link to video and article.


Boy Girl Named

Watched August: Osage County the other night. So. Get prepared, dear worst-reader. This is gonna be a tumbler. Well. Maybe not.

Follow-up to this post here.

First. Julia Roberts can’t say the word fuck. She just can’t. I swear, in this film she tries, she really tries. But every time those innocent broad lips open up all one can see, because astonishment clouds sound, is her promoting that well-branded laugh that somehow spews effortlessly through a mouth that seems to have no end to its width and a limitless shine to those teeth. This woman, like the burden of the smile of a Dolphin, will forever be associated with the burden of one thing and one thing only. That laugh she barks in her bourgeoisie portrayal of how much fun it is to be a whore… Well. Nuff said.

Oh yeah, the smile. Roberts goes for cursing all the same but this time instead of taking the sure way she just spews the word fuck–through the same mouth so many people adore. And when she calls her dying mother–with nothing less than that same mouth: “you fucking bitch”, I couldn’t help but imagine a beautiful little girl finishing kindergarten and given an opportunity to speak at her graduation where she says the same thing to her lost and lonely teacher. You fucking bitch. Indeed, dear worst-reader. There’s seriously something wrong with that picture and with Julie Roberts struggling to say the word fuck. But more. There’s something wrong with the lack of astonishment from the Julia Roberts adoring world. Because. Hey. She’s Julia Roberts.

Second. The best thing about this movie is Juliett Lewis’ portrayal of a husband hunting bimbo. She really nailed it and I never thought she could do that again because she already did it so well in the movie Kalifornia across from Brad Pitt. Hats off to her!

And as far as… what’s her name goes… what’s her name? Oh yeah, Meryl Streep. As far as Streep goes, I saw cracks in her sunglasses and I think, if I were to re-rent this film on iTunes, I might be able to even prove exactly where those cracks are–because if you look closely when she fakes her smoking, the smoke comes through the cracks of her glasses. Seriously. Oh wait. iTunes doesn’t allow you to do anything with rented movies except watch them within 24hrs of starting them… Wait. Does Meryl Streep know this?

But enough about worst-writer’s attempt at criticizing a film. That sort of thing is better left to others more privileged. Still. I can’t wait to download the play and give it a read. Tracy Letts has obviously nailed it with his play. Transferring it to film went pretty well, too. Since the movie starts with Sam Shepard, a writer I (used to) read religiously–especially his plays–I couldn’t help but compare this play-to-film transfer to Shepard’s own Fool For Love, which was transferred way back in 1985. Short pause…

Warning: slight spoiler alert.

Of course the moment in Osage County when my thoughts of Shepard were sealed was when I realized that there was an incestuous affair about to be revealed. The same thing, of course, is in Shepard’s play Fool For Love. So. Tracy Letts was influenced by Shepard. Or? Goodness. I hope so.

Either way this was a beautiful film that I thoroughly enjoyed watching from start to end. Brilliant writing, acting and cinematography. I also thought it was a bit strange to categorize this film as a comedy. Seriously. A comedy? There are a few funny moments, especially the brawl between Streep and Roberts, where, after the film, I got to thinking that it wasn’t funny at all. If I could question Letts about his play it would be why he chose to put obvious male mind-set characters into female bodies. But that doesn’t really matter. He’s got a female name and so does his dead dramatic patriarch. All hands clap for men named Beverly.

Rant on.